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    BSD for gaming

    What a joke.
    All 5 BSD gamers try really hard to make games work on it...
  2. Why are you such an asshole? Half life 2 engine...

    Why are you such an asshole?
    Half life 2 engine games are the eye candy of Linux.
    I played Wasteland 2. It doesn't look anywhere near as pretty as games mentioned in the article. Though it is nice...
  3. WAO!

    Thank you dude!
  4. +1

    Literally had issues with it today.

    Skype(i am not a happy user of which) just hangedtoday when i tried to kill pulseaudio.(other VOIP app was having strange noise because of Pulseaudio) And I...
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    For starters, not all games can see more than 4-5...

    For starters, not all games can see more than 4-5 buttons. With Easy shift keys(which works in similar to shift button on keyboard) you can easilly bind over 15 buttons INSIDE rather a OK Linux...
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    Happy Roccat user

    I have had 3 mice.

    1 was wireless -rather bad thing in urban areas, due to wifi interfierance. It was small and good for laptop, so I gave it to my mom.

    2nd broke down rather easilly.

    3rd i...
  7. shadow grounds was a good game. trine is ...

    shadow grounds was a good game. trine is playable, but after completing trine i didnt bother with trine 2. penumbra may be not bad, but not my style...
  8. Crap for me, sorry, it's NOT a universal opinion....

    Crap for me, sorry, it's NOT a universal opinion.

    I remebered couple more good games from previous bundles, but for the sake of survival cant remember names.
  9. and those games

    Are crap, so why bother?

    Just because it's indie and cheap doesnt mean it's worth buying.
    I bought a lot of games from HIB before, but the only one i was really playing - Torchlight, dungeons of...
  10. most of it

    is just a bunch of crap. Most people own it by now. Until new games that are hidden at the moment are hidden - I wont bother throwing money at it. I'd rather save it till something better comes...
  11. fully agree

    fully agree ++1
  12. Yes and no. I add Phoronix to white list of No...

    Yes and no.
    I add Phoronix to white list of No Script. But sometimes some advertising is so invasive and with flash, that it hangs my firefox!
    So I have no way of dealing with it.

    Though I...
  13. how many years open driver is?

    this stuff is going on and on and on.
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    Too bad I am AMD fanboy.
    But does Linux support thunderbolt at all, I was under impression sh** just doesn't work?
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    not true

    The way I see it, Mantle may be doing some minor damage to DX, it may do big damage to OpenGL.
    Fragmentation of graphical API is rather negative to us Linux users, especially when it hurts adoption...
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    the ones who gonna win are

    The ones who gonna win are game engine developers.

    Engine that supports both openGL and Mantle is gonna ripe the financial awards. Unigine for example already is able to use DX and OGL.

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    shitty option

    For us, Linux users, it's also a bad option.
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    2 things to say

    1) Just disabel ipv4 routing(you are not using tunnel right?) and you will find out.
    2) Many of your friends support ipv6? Depending on network configuration, skype calls are made directly. Source:...
  19. not just yet.

    AMD to be believed, when their hardware is fully compatible with 4.x OpenGL AND is good choice based on quality/performance/value, so far all of those just fail when it comes to Linux. AMD has only...
  20. Would be super nice

    But even now, Nvidia is a Maverrick, is only big GPU company that has both performance AND good driver, albeit, binary, on Linux.
    When I see pigs flying in my future house in Spain, i will know,...
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