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  1. Rather BTRFS and ZFS optimizations for SSD instead.

    I would rather like to see BTRFS and ZFS optimizations for SSD, including persistand transparent encryption etc.

    I don't see a point of using separate file system just for SSD and one can use SSDs...
  2. So it is card only for Server/Rack motherboards...

    So it is card only for Server/Rack motherboards with Very good (and loud) ventilation, or Workstations, both already having ECC and that are compatible with card.
    You also need Intel compiler that...
  3. Why? Because. Be modular and multiplatform.

    My first reaction was: Why (another DE) . Where are screenshots?
    And then, why not?
    Considering OpenBSD could not be looked at as target for major desktop, people have freedom to experiment.

  4. ZFS is production for large data, use ECC RAM. Btrfs welcome.

    BTRFS is all great for Linux (had it been ported anywhere else?) , and I would definitevely use it for Linux installs for Workstations and some servers.
    But, isnt ZFS in productioin for, say at...
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    Put it to 90% zoom

    Hey i know workaround for insane look of new Phoronix site.
    I put it to 90% zoom in Seamonkey/Firefox
    and.. is is almost sane looking, but just a bit looking like some half/empty site..
    (Yes, I...

    Get back to SEAMONKEY.
    The Original modern Mozilla application suite descendent,
    that you should be using, anyway,
    instead of playing monkey with Firefox all these years now....
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    Just Hate it.

    it is huge step back.

    It is not Phoronix actually, it is someone playing with our eyes.
    From the site that counted every pixel and where you get to be informed on news and read articles,
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    More Microsoft-payed disinformants

    Buahahahaha. Join Microsoft-funboy forum this is not one of them. If spyware is installed with the machine/OS, then it is not spyware?? Buahahahaa.

    No it does not. I tried to remove all the...
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    Definition of TROLLING is: (a) Bashing people's...

    Stallman is an idiot, full stop.

    Definition of TROLLING is:
    (a) Bashing people's persona and giving insults to people that does not share your views.
    (b) Not having an argument to...
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    Ubuntu spyware non surprising for carefull user.

    I did not need Stallman to see for myself that Ubuntu is spying on me,

    I am long time Xubuntu user ,from around 2005/6, (you know, Ubuntu that uses XFCE desktop environment and not GNOME not Unity...
  11. "delta deb" is smarter and more important then xz

    I second what szymon_g said:

    We actually need to see feature like "delta rpm" have for years.
    So "delta debs" will actually save bandwidth, speed up upgrades and make people very much more happy,...
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    Some usefull data, but games.

    I would like to see kernel compilation times or something else usefull , but games.
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    Finally something ZFS is having for 6+years in production on Solaris (Illumos and distributions, like Smartos, Nexenta, Openindiana)
    You add SSD's to speed up all disk operations for all disks in a...
  14. Use case and Haiku point of being.

    I actually do not understand neither benefits of Haiku over other systems,
    nor technologically not as a being fit to certain use case.
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    SPARC is not old, SPARC is the only server CPU freed under GPL

    SPARC is not old architecture it is present.

    There is Ultrasparc T2 CPU that is GLP'ed for Microprocessor definition
    and is free to develop, manufacture adn enhance in open.:
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    In long term, closed source will be forbidden on OS level.

    Intelligent or clever enough software, embedded or integrated with hardware systems and vehicles (robots, drones, automated land/air craft),
    can be physically harmful to human existence if they are...
  17. Using ZFS on Linux/Illumos/FreeBSD versus Btrfs

    I was thinking of Filesystem you can install your operating system to.
    And from what you can boot multiple different operating systems,
    and using same boot/system disk(s) together with shared...
  18. ZFS is production.

    Of course. ZFS is used on Linux for LUSTRE cluster file system and most people that used to develpo it for Sun are now in companies outside of Oracle, developing it further.
    CERN use ZFSOnLinux for...
  19. ZFS had it in production ages ago.

    Until further notice, use ZFS/ZPL. In production for 6+ years already. (ZfsOnLinux kernel module and Illumos/BSD)
    - While BTRFS is re-inventing ZFS, still.
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    SPARC/Solaris/Illumos Nvidia driver also not available

    SPARC architecture is opened with GPL licence in UltraSPARC T2 CPU,
    but Nvidia does not make Solaris/Illumos SPARC drivers available at all (nov even closed blob for SPARC).

    Also I would need to...
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