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  1. Poor journalism

    +12 to what he said - this is really poor journalism Michael.
  2. No fanotify!

    Fanotify system calls were pulled at the last minute over ABI concerns. See the release announcement.
  3. Open GL 3.3/4,0 support in WINE?

    Has anyone else spotted this line in the changelog:

    "opengl32: Add OpenGL 3.3/4.0 extensions."

    Can anyone shed more light on that?
  4. Why don't you set up a dedicated Phoronix YouTube...

    Why don't you set up a dedicated Phoronix YouTube channel? You also get nice analytics to track who's watching etc.

    If you use YouTube you can also easily embed the videos in posts - most people...
  5. Replies

    It's live on now. Also, please...

    It's live on now.

    Also, please don't link directly to the FTP address. Mozilla *really* doesn't like it. Firstly, it bypasses their load balancer, which can make one of their hosting...
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    Few D3D fixes?

    There are almost no D3D10-specific changes (one fix and one stub entry), but there are quite a few general D3D fixes (there are 55 commits mentioning "3d" somewhere in them).
  7. Freudian slip?

    Freudian slip? :)
  8. The list of improvements which were specifically...

    The list of improvements which were specifically about D3D10 are:

    Henri Verbeet

    d3d10: Explicitly handle D3D10_SVC_STRUCT in set_variable_vtbl().

    Rico Schüller (4):

    d3d10: Implement...
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