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    Yes interested

    In particular, I'm interested how it affects latency under heavy load for both user responsiveness and GUI draws per second.

    I actually stopped using BFS in kernel 3.12 because of the previous...
  2. Good news

    I know they already main lined their 3D linux support, and it's really nice to just run a VM and 3D and resizing works out of the box.

    I think VMCI allows for the drag and drop support. So another...
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    Phoronix could learn a thing or two

    Check out the GPU testing. They do meaningful benchmarks showing minimum framerates and render latency.

    That's where it really counts for gaming.

    I suspect this kernel would...
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    Looks promising

    The average latency seems way better than CFS, and it even beats BFS at high client counts.

    What I'm curious is if the throughput gets killed.

    On the other hand, BFS seems to do just as well...
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    Mike's benchmarks say it all

    I think those benchmarks really give a good indication of the current state of CFS vs BFS.

    CFS is actually more fair now, at the cost of worst case latency....
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    If you read the Fractal Tree PDF

    You'll notice that fractal trees use lots of CPU time and memory storage (plus bandwidth) as a method of being able to write to disk at full speed.

    They have to keep much of the index in memory in...
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    Yeah, I don't really see a problem with compiz....

    Yeah, I don't really see a problem with compiz. It's feature rich, more so than any other windowing manager or compositor.

    It doesn't really make sense to start over unless the code base is just...
  8. I had similar issues. When I checked out their...

    I had similar issues. When I checked out their code, I had to edit the MAJOR and MINOR numbers for XA and xf86-video-vmware to actually get it to work.

    It doesn't help that there's no real...
  9. Yeah I get it. LLVM will run like molasses on...

    Yeah I get it. LLVM will run like molasses on older CPUs, for 3D and gaming (which are all the phoronix benchmarks on it). But what about as a simple 2D driver for something like Gnome classic and...
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    Yeah it would be nice to have a real world type...

    Yeah it would be nice to have a real world type of benchmark. Anandtech analyzed it a while ago, and it's a large portion of 4K reads and writes, and then sequential data, all interleaved.
  11. Actually, I too wonder about that. I have old...

    Actually, I too wonder about that. I have old 855gm hardware, and while it used to have hardware acceleration, Intel dropped support for it.

    So now I'm stuck with the framebuffer (fbdev) or...
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    I'd say these are surprising results for Bulldozer on linux. Almost all the Windows reviewers found it to barely be competitive with the i5 2400 or 2500 depending on the test. Even with the expected...
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    Just posting to say that indeed I've experienced major file system and memory corruption when trying to use Gentoo in Virtualbox as a development machine. I'd be lucky to make it through a single...
  14. Question

    Which chipsets does this support?

    Does it go back to the 855 series like the mesa i915 does? I mean before Intel scrapped their support and instead gave us a dumb framebuffer only driver?

  15. Your block size is different though. Using 4K...

    Your block size is different though. Using 4K blocks you would have to do many more transfers.

    As always, you will have to bench both on the same machine, under the same conditions, to get...
  16. Xubuntu

    Xubuntu to the rescue if you want a saner default desktop experience. At least, a lot of the people (re)discovering XFCE have found just how far its come from its CDE lookalike days.

    I still will...
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    Thanks! I'll take a look at that. I just went...

    Thanks! I'll take a look at that. I just went through the git logs, and svga has been worked on a bit since I last checked out the tree. Glad to see its still there.
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    What happened to the SVGA gallium driver?

    I've been using it instead of VMware's classic driver for a month now, and a couple days ago, after doing a git pull on mesa head, the ./configure...
  19. Windows 7 ASPM

    Let me just point out, that Windows does indeed blacklist drivers that don't use ASPM correctly. Probably to prevent crashes.

    If you run
    powercfg -energy, you get a report about the power usage...
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    Thanks for benchmarking standard HDDs. Much more relevant than SSDs for the majority of people who still have them.

    But I would still like to see a desktop HDD (7200 or 10000 raptor) which have...
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