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  1. Stallman is right

    I agree with Stallman on this one. In times like this when our freedoms and rights are being taken away it is more and more important that we do everything to protect our freedoms and rights and GPL...
  2. Awesome

    Great to see my favouriteb C++ IDE getting even better. Also like Python support more and more. Now if only Java support was added...
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    Love the polish

    I realy like it how KDE community has focused a lot on polishing and speeding up their desktop and software in recent releases. Just keep it up girls and boys!
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    I don't even find it very important that desktop...

    I don't even find it very important that desktop starts fast. I start the desktop very rarely anyways. Maybe once every couple of days so a few seconds here doesn't mean so much anyways. And from the...
  5. Restrictions

    DRM is about restrictions, not rights
  6. Next step, base Unity on KDE Plasma

    Interesting development. Qt is so much more advanced and nice to use I wonder why they didn't choose it from the very start. Well now the only thing they have to realise is that they don't need to...
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    Aaron's response to this article

    Aaron has responed on this article:
    "Dear Michael Larabel, if you are going to post my Google+ updates to Phoronix (or anywhere else), please do so with accuracy. I clearly wrote in my posting last...
  8. Awesome release!

    I'm using RC2 currently and it is already running great. Can't wait to update to final KDE SC 4.10. Great job KDE community!
  9. I love KDevelop

    I really love KDevelop, yes even over Qt Creator. It has a really amazing insight into the code and so you can do some very cool navigation, completion and refactoring. And it would be perfect if...
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    KDE 4.9 working great

    I installed the Fedora 17 packages and KDE 4,9 is working great so far. Amarok also still plays all my music just fine. Great job KDE people! I love the new Activity integration into Dolphin and Kwin.
  11. Have to try it again

    Great to hear about the new release. I'm getting increasingly annoyed by LibreOffice, it's just way to bloated and it has bad integration with the desktop. I tried KOffice about a year ago and I...
  12. I support KWin developers to drop FGLRX support

    I absolutely support KWin developers. I've been running my laptop and desktops with the open-source Radeon driver for years now and it works great (big thanks to all the developers). Recently I had...
  13. Awesome

    Sounds great. I would very much like to also see a more powerful edition. Oh and I'm wondering what the battery life of this is. A great start/spark and I'm almost for sure buying one anyways. And I...
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    I love the new features in Kate text editor.
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    @mugginz: If you told this to KDE people insead...

    @mugginz: If you told this to KDE people insead of just here it would get fixed faster
  16. More complaining to MoBo vendors needed

    Maybe we GNU/Linux users should start to complain more to motherboad manufacturers when there is a problem in GNU/Linux because of badly coded BIOS. If they don't see demand from GNU/Linux users they...
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    After tagging the tarballs are made and a few...

    After tagging the tarballs are made and a few days are given so that distribution packagers can test the packages (so that everything compiles and nothing is missing) and if necessary corrections are...
  18. FSF announces publication of two new books by Richard Stallman

    Two new improved editions of the two essential books about thinking and philosophy behind GNU/Linux and other free/libre and open source software have been published →...
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    KDE KWin and client-side window decorations

    KWin developer has also writen quite a lot about clent-side decorations and also came to the conclusion that it brings more bad than good:

    Why you should not use client-side window decorations
  20. Talk is cheap...

    As they say: "Talk is cheap". Please provide links to bug reports about all these problems you have. That's the first step to getting the bug fixed. If there is no bug report developers might not...
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