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    He's right :

    Also, both the Intel® Core™ i3 2120 and the Intel® Core™ i3-2100 Processor have only two cores....
  2. Great! But you then you misinterpret my statement...

    Great! But you then you misinterpret my statement by then posting the following :

    I don't have any hate for Apple products whatsoever and that's just not what I posted. To make my point clearer...
  3. That's simply not an issue in this case. I have...

    That's simply not an issue in this case. I have already mentioned it's a sandybridge with HD3000. See Windows 7 vs. Linux With Sandy Bridge New Acceleration Architecture and Intel Sandy Bridge Speeds...
  4. Sandybridge HD 3000, mesa, wine and Starcraft 2

    Right now, I play Starcraft 2 but I also use Fedora as my main operating system. I use Fedora because I am able to do more with it than Windows despite having been a long term Windows user I switched...
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    Which 2500 second gen (sandybridge) i5 was...

    Which 2500 second gen (sandybridge) i5 was bought?

    I can only speak for the 2500K i5 which has Intel® HD Graphics 3000 (While all the others have Intel® HD Graphics...
  6. Already been covered. Kernel Log: Further...

    Already been covered.

    Kernel Log: Further problems with UEFI

    Sorry guy. If you owned an i5 with HD 3000 you would be much more informed.
    The Windows system performance checker says I have...
  7. UEFI

    All new Apple machines use UEFI. There are known issues with UEFI and Linux.
    I'm guessing it's that.

    Also, you could have got a non-mac laptop of a better spec for the same money. After all, that...
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    Mostly nonsense

    Jeez. How many times must this be explained to people before they understand it???
    KDE3 was very mature when KDE 4 was proposed. Have you even tried 4 lately???
    KDE 4 in it's current version is...
  9. Freezing/Lock ups

    As far as the lock ups that Michael is describing, I can say that I have experienced exactly the same as him using an Asus P8H67-M LE and an Intel Core i5 2300 2.8GHz running the latest Fedora Beta....
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