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  1. Hmm ...

    They may have grown a lot, yet they still seem to ignore almost all bug-reports filed at freedeskop's bugzilla, whereas a bug filed against the intel-ddx is usually fixed in a day or two by Intel's...
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    Encoding is not vastly different from all the...

    Encoding is not vastly different from all the other microbenchmarks, its more or less the same type of workload (kind of number-crunching) - where you spend a lot of time in quite small and highly...
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    hmm :/

    Sad that there are so many computational tests like encoding or micro-benchmarks like c-ray.

    Except for the games, there aren't *any* tests which perform typical workload like bootup-time,...
  4. Oehm

    MIR's licensing (you have to assign Canonical your copyright) basically makes it impossible for any other distribution to use MIR without giving up control over a very important part of a desktop...
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    Nope, doesn't work with mesa 9.2 on intel either,...

    Nope, doesn't work with mesa 9.2 on intel either, same error.
    Please add a "me too" to the bug tracker:

    Thanks, Clemens
  6. No 2D benchmarks :/

    Sad that 2D performance was completely ignored in this benchmark round.
    It would have been really interesting to see how well the completely re-done 2D driver architecture RadeonSI performs ......
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    Cool :)

    Being someone how doesn't really appriciate first person shooters or 2d jump&runs, I am really happy to see dear esther was natively ported to Linux.
    Bought the humble bundle 8 because of dear...
  8. ;)

    I actually don't mind trolls if its funny. But this was hardly worth the reading :/

    Following your logic, Excel is a Lotus-123 wannabe ;)
  9. ??

    Can you elaborate on this? ;)
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    What does this have to do with SSDs? The...

    What does this have to do with SSDs?
    The relative overhead added by encryption is a lot higher for SSDs compared to HDDs (as HDDs tend to be so slow that a few additional CPU cycles do not count...
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    Sadly? Grub2 in my eyes is the second worst thing, right after Gnome3, that happend to desktop Linux in recent years.
    Why do things the simple way if you can make it really hard and complex...
  12. Horray :) .....

    Horray :) .....
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    I wonder where the few die-hard pro-Ubuntu fighters here come from ... maybe canonical ;)
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    RedHat for rescue

    I really wish RedHat would invest a little bit more into the Desktop, to fight Ubuntus dominance on the desktop avoiding a vendor-lock-in of the desktop user-space.
    However, when looking at...
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    Canotical has absolutly no interest in...

    Canotical has absolutly no interest in paricipating in wayland development, otherwise they would not have started a new project.
    This is a really disturbing development, not because I don't trust...
  16. Hmm :(

    When looking how "open" canonical maintaines their current in-house software stack like Unity, I can only hope RedHat+Suse+... will start to invest into Wayland.
    Otherwise we might end up with...
  17. So, if those features are not in 3.9, whats the...

    So, if those features are not in 3.9, whats the reason writing about?
    Seems you have a hard time meeting some secret goals of posting frequency you are trying to reach.
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    Well, this guy has actually done more harm than...

    Well, this guy has actually done more harm than good to the linux desktop.
    ... glad he is actually gone.
  19. And actually, when written "right" the...

    And actually, when written "right" the network-model of X11 allows for way more responsive applications over network than VNC-like snapshoting does (not to mention, VNC like forwarding consumes quite...
  20. Well, for requests which depend on a response...

    Well, for requests which depend on a response from the server (like XGetImage), XLib is synchronous. The call blocks and nothing happens until the client has received the requested data. However most...
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