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    Ok, let's put it plain and simple:

    What are the choices in the world of Linux distroes' display servers?

    1) X. Old, bloated. It just works. Everybody say it should be replaced by a newer, more modern thing, but the developement...
  2. What about the power consumption?

    My radeon 4650, with kernels 3.8~3.10, used to power-shortage my desktop PC (due to an underpowered PSU) and cause unpredictable halts and reboots. 3.11 seems to work fine, how will 3.12 run?
  3. "all over the place", come on.. Those were just...

    "all over the place", come on.. Those were just my 2 cents.

    I may appreciate the efforts of the Hurd developers. But, as BO$$ meant, an operating system which, on modern computers, won't work...
  4. Lack of USB support? No SATA drives?? 32-bit...

    Lack of USB support?
    No SATA drives??
    32-bit only???

    in 2013?!?!?

    Does RMS know PCs got 64-bits 10 years ago, USB is the standard to connect everything, PATA drives are out of sale in most of...
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    Will this be the good one?

    How many times I read this one? "the next kernel will boost your GPU" and, kernel after kernel, the performance is more or less the same, and the new incredible features will be "merged in the next...
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    But then, which kind of games?

    There is a basic question in the first post which remains unanswered: which kind of games is best suitable to be developed as FOSS?

    Storyboard based games, like old dear LucasArts/Sierra...
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    And this is no good. Now that Microsoft owns...

    And this is no good. Now that Microsoft owns Skype and integrates it into the next versions of Windows, other VOIP projects are doomed to become meaningless.
    You may tell me "it is the same thing...
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    Divide et Impera

    Divide and Rule (not "the empire of DVDs :rolleyes:").

    Is it an old new strategy to fight free/open software?
    The more the community is divided, the easiest to kill it is - How can you realize...
  9. The problem isn't about what is patentable and...

    The problem isn't about what is patentable and what is not, the problem is what is patented and what is not. Software may be not patentable in europe, but if EPO grants the swpats anyway, there are...
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    In other words: you can't get rid of Skype. Skype...

    In other words: you can't get rid of Skype. Skype is the standard de facto because it arrived first on the final user's computer. All the little people out there "know" that the programme to phone...
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    Please, let gnus run freely in their savannah!

    Why for a change call it NOT GNU-something?

    Come on, gnu is one of the most absurd beasts in the world, a not-that-bright mix of an horse and a cow, a natural prey for more aggressive animals...
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    To Skype or not to Skype?

    Will be possible to contact a Skype user via GNU free call? AND (not OR) vice versa? if I do skype calls via facebook can I reach or be reached by a GFC user?

    If the answer is no... Ekiga :( . ...
  13. That's very nice, but...

    ... OpenGL 3/4 linux implementation is stopped by those f***ed patents.
    Will be ever possible to do something GL3/4 without having to pay someone $ 1,241,452,883,945,814,664,741,093 for every...
  14. Old times....

    I was a little amused by this debate on the lawfulness of Butterfly Media free software (re)sales and rebranding... just a little flashback...

    When I was a kid, in 1980s, newspaper stands were...
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    Just a general question:

    I'm quite tech-savvy but maybe not enough to get the point of this, I read different things every time I try to understand, so I ask this very stupid question once and for all:

    Is (or will be)...
  16. TEN years?

    10 years is a lot of time, even for an unsponsored project. And this one WAS sponsored... or not? Nokia is actively developing QT, is samsung doing the same for EFL? or do I have to think the EFL...
  17. It sounds a bit scary: D3D games will run on...

    It sounds a bit scary: D3D games will run on Linux, but D3D will become a platform for linux game developers too (which means: M$ will condition part of the linux environment developing) or even...
  18. From a non-programmer point of view

    We were told it was almost impossible to write good drivers with no specifications. Then, 3 years ago, AMD released the specs. Thank you, AMD.
    Three years passed. More specs were released....
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    "La romanella"

    in a popular italian b-movie, an aged lady who once was considered quite a beauty, asked a surgeon to make her body as beautiful as a famous show-woman's. The surgeon replied her that was possible,...
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    They said "september 10" without specifying of...

    They said "september 10" without specifying of which year.
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