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  1. Mir on the tablet may yet beat FC20 for the desktop
    This is an attempt to ship an UbuntuTouch 10" tablet; needs 1300 sales in
    the next two weeks if they want to meet their...
  2. distro-targets are the key to understanding the display-manager-timeline, methinks

    I assume you mean May'13, and are prolly talking about the did-not-make-it crowd-funded Ubuntu phone? But I thought that came later.

    Anyways, as I understand it, the historical Ubuntu plan was...
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    Bootloader lock-in, root permbit lock-in, and carrier lock-in, oh my!

    tl;dr == GPL3 strongly suggests Ubuntu is going to be the best platform for custom ROMs, since that was one of the main *points* of the invention of GPL3 (anti-tivoization clause). However, in...
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