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  1. Thanks for the answer, droste, Yes, it's for...

    Thanks for the answer, droste,

    Yes, it's for using the computer as HTPC.

    I've not try what you say, but I suppose that if I've to decode the sound in the computer I'll have the problem of being...
  2. Unable to get 5.1 over intel HDMI correctly

    Hi all,

    I'm writing because I've a problem that I'm unable to solve; I've try everything I've found with no result

    I have a PC with an Intel Haswell processor that is connected via HDMI to an...
  3. Problems with USB bluetooth dongle and BT Keyboard

    Hi all, I'm trying to make work a bluetooth keyboard in a system with kubuntu 13.10 x64 and a USB Bluetooth dongle.

    I've some problems:

    FIRST PROBLEM: Dongle not detected when restart.

    If I...
  4. I Finally get was I was looking for using...

    I Finally get was I was looking for using makeMKV, the issue was that when I installed prior day it was on the night after 14 hours working and my mind shouldn't be lucid, I had installed XBMC add-on...
  5. How to play original Bluray discs from XBMC in Linux?

    Hi all,

    I've a HTPC with kubuntu and XBMC and I play with no problems MKVs and ISOs from my own blurays (created with Windows in other computer)

    Now I have install a Bluray reader with the aim...
  6. lsusb returns this: The USB 2.0...

    lsusb returns this:

    The USB 2.0 DockStation (Sharkoon QuickPort XT) is the JMicron.

    I've try a 2 terabytes disk MBR in this dockstarion and works ok (correctly recognized and mounted), the...
  7. Ubuntu 13.04 doesn't recognize USB hard drives

    Hi all,

    I've Kubuntu 13.04 and have a problem that I can' solve.

    I've been looking for information and it's quite clear that it's a problem that appears with all distros based on Ubuntu 13.04,...
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    EDIT: The weirdest thing is that this problem is...

    EDIT: The weirdest thing is that this problem is supposed to happend with opensource AMD drivers, not official AMD drivers, and I'm using official ones (13.06 beta). Why does it happends??
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    HDMI audio not avaiable with AMD E-350

    Hi all,

    I've a problem with a computer based on a AMD Zacate E350 APU (Asrock E350M1).

    I've install Kubuntu 13.04 and latest Catalyst 13.06 BETA drivers. I know installing an AMD Beta driver on...
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