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  1. OpenGL game freezes with 3.18.3, but not with 3.17.8


    I've noticed that WoW is freezing occasionally with Linux 3.18.3 (x86_64). The kernel itself has no issue, and I can kill the WoW process easily. However, I see these errors from Wine:
  2. I am very happy with the OSS Radeon drivers

    The OSS drivers provide everything I need for my RV790 card; the UVD support was the final "(very) nice to have" feature.

    I'd have been using NVIDIA cards long ago if I'd only been left with fglrx...
  3. Replies

    *** NOW *** AMD wants to know what's wrong with Catalyst!?!

    I should point out that I haven't used Catalyst for years, even before it suddenly dropped all support for every single AMD graphics card that I own, but from memory, the things that most compelled...
  4. But this doesn't explain why --vo=vdapu broke with field-based output.

    You seem to be implying that "--vo=vdpau" doesn't use field-based output, but I assure you that this mode was equally broken before the Mesa patch was applied. I was expecting "--vo=vdpau" to work...
  5. I meant from an "end user" perspective

    I simply meant that --vo=opengl appeared to be working "just fine" to my feeble human eyes, despite field-based output not being available for the HD4890.
  6. Do you really need to disable GL_NV_vdpau_interop?

    For the record:
    - I have a RV790
    - Mesa 10.4-devel advertises GL_NV_vdpau_interop
    - "mpr --hwdec=vdpau --vo=opengl" works just fine already with current Mesa git, which disables field-based...
  7. Could the Mesa patches be back-patched into 10.2 / 10.3 please?

    The Mesa patches for UVD video are trivial, and look like they could easily be applied to the 10.2 and 10.3 branches too. I think that it would be "handy" if userspace were ready for this new UVD...
  8. Let confusion reign!

    The core dump is possibly due to a mismatch between Mesa 10.4-devel's and Mesa 10.1.5's, because "--hwdec=vdpau --vo=opengl" seems to behave itself with a suitable value...
  9. Mesa 10.4.0-devel still advertises GL_NV_vdpau_interop for RV790

    I have compiled the very latest Mesa from git for my HD4890, and have copied the object into my /usr/lib64/vdpau directory. When I repeat the "mpv" test now, I get successful...
  10. Confused - because the "no interop" case is affected by this.

    My assumption was based on the fact that I saw identical corruption, regardless of whether I was using VDPAU/OpenGL interop or not...
  11. Mixed success with patched 3.16.1 and HD 4890

    I've grabbed the 6 patches from the dri-devel mailing list, and applied them to my 3.16.1 kernel. (They apply without any real difficulty). I've also grabbed the RV770_uvd.bin firmware file and...
  12. XBMC is "simple"?

    I'm sure that somewhere there are 5 lines of (kernel?) code that could return "1" if frame-based output is available, and "0" if it isn't.
  13. Something like what?

    Sorry, that advice is too vague: I have no idea what uses VDPAU/GL interop and what doesn't. Isn't there a simple test case that you could suggest, please?
  14. We could always find out...

    Speaking as an owner of a Radeon 4890HD, is there some "Voodoo code" that I could run in order to find out?
  15. Changed back by whom?

    Why on Earth would Wikipedia discard edits from an authoritative AMD source?!
  16. So can VDPAU / OpenGL interop be implemented for all UVD 2.0 cards?

    The comment from the source code does seem to suggest that interop is possible for RV770, which would imply that it would also be possible for other UVD 2.0 hardware too.
  17. Hmm, now that's interesting.

    So UVD 2.0 does support field-based output? Or is field-based output part of the GPU's OpenGL hardware?
  18. The Next Big Lie

    I think the next "Big Lie" is that users will actually stop moaning, if only AMD would implement "Feature X" in the Open Source drivers.
  19. The definition of "VDAPU/OpenGL interop" being...?

    We are talking about an implementation of OpenGL extension GL_NV_vdpau_interop, correct?

    Because if so, then it would seem that Flash playback would be supported without this:

    $ strings...
  20. Sounds good to me! (Apart from the "Wait for Linux 3.18" bit...)

    According to the original email:

    So this absence of "VDPAU/OpenGL interop" sounds like a hardware limitation.

    What exactly would "VDPAU/OpenGL interop" provide? All I'm really looking for is...
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