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    F2fs? It's been included since kernel 3.8,...

    F2fs? It's been included since kernel 3.8, Motorola has been using it on their android Moto phones for almost a year, so it is considered stable.
    Kernel 3.16 stable will be released in about 5-7...
  2. Happy Birthday!

    Happy birthday and many thanks for the hard work, dedication and shining enthusiasm!
  3. Unity browser

    The funny (?) thing is that Canonical is introducing its own browser based on Chromium in 14.04 LTS. New buggy features, uh?

    (I didn't check if the user_agent was relevant, but it seems logical...
  4. IT will test 14.04 as is to decide if Trusty is a reliable/compliant OS

    Sure nobody in his right mind would deploy a fresh OS on dozens of workstations - and frankly there is never a rush to do so. XP? End of support has been announced years back, and the XP machines are...
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    Unity 7 Vs. KDE 4.13 Vs. Gnome 3.12 Vs. Xfce 4.10 Vs. Lxde

    I would also like an update on the potential battery life difference between the various DE.
    Unity is definitely the most power-hungry of the lot and KDE 4 has matured very well now, but hungrier...
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    Why is PC-BSD still so slow?

    I am still curious about BSD, or even Solaris (OpenIndiana or whatever), but the last time I tried PC-BSD (v.7 I guess) it was sluggish and really not worth the switch from Windows for instance. On...
  7. Frankly I think Windows is beyond the point, esp....

    Frankly I think Windows is beyond the point, esp. since WP8 is struggling to gain a real foothold.
    F2fs was designed with mobile and on-board devices in mind. Benefiting from it on your main SSD is...
  8. Motorola Moto X & G

    Only massive deployment I heard of is for Moto X and G which are lauded for their impressive reactivity.

    Now that PC/laptops are secondary I don't think the lack of a windows driver is really what...
  9. Absolutely need new stuff? or can you wait till 14.04.1? The choice is clear

    +1 to those who understand the importance to stay on schedule. Apparently not everybody here knows about project management, or stayed with oldies "release when ready" of Debian.

    Canonical has...
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    5,405 anyone?

    Couldn't transition all of my contacts to something else so I'm staying with Skype (and not upgrading it on Windows so as to avoid ads...). Proprietary hell A or B, WTF?

    I guess WebRTC is the...
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    Who wants another tablet a dozen months in the making?

    Seriously crowdfunding is for real innovation, not for me-too products. By the time those dudes have finished their dreamers' crowdfunding campaigns the specs are already 6 months behind the - tough,...
  12. Not many = few

    Michael, you seem a bit overworked! I hope you take some time away from those many machines)
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    No Win64 builds

    BTW anyone remember the rationale for not producing 64bit builds for Windows?
    Something to do with their continuing support for XP beyond April'14?
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    Yet another browser

    Diversity is good, Maxthon has been praised (and has been leading html5 compatibility tests for quite some time -, but if I want my data sync'ed in the proprietary cloud I already have...
  15. Thermal design is one thing, actual consumption...

    Thermal design is one thing, actual consumption (per watt efficiency) is another story. You don't read this on the CPU box, it needs testing. Now I guess Pentium III machines somehow died a while ago...
  16. Pentium IV, that's definitely disingenuous of you...

    Pentium IV, that's definitely disingenuous of you since everybody knows these were real heaters. 90% of the people are ok with an old computer from 2007 to do some surfing and a little bit of skype...
  17. 32bit is here to stay (how long did Windows keep 16bit apps?)

    Spot on. Also Netbooks were the last wave of 32bit only harware (Celeron then Atom, and some AMD too) around 2008-2011, that is before the tablets took over. It seems preposterous to abandon 32bit...
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    What is holding Ubuntu 12.04.3 back?

    Did someone hear about this LTS point release? It had been postponed 'silently' from Aug-15 to Aug-22 earlier this month and - as someone updated on the Ubuntu version wikipedia page - Ubuntu...
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    Thanks for the Summer Gift Michael! I was...

    Thanks for the Summer Gift Michael!

    I was looking forward to using F2FS on a production machine once it is a bit more mature with kernel 3.11... now I think I'll stay with ext2 on my SSD (/home...
  20. Most people who (still) buy Macs buy the...

    Most people who (still) buy Macs buy the Mac/Apple brand and don't know what an OS is. The smoother-than-PC experience is very expensive but people are blitzed into wanting it even if they cannot...
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