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  1. What about that dirndl?

    Just curious :confused: - what happened to that dirndl complier Michael got all excited about a year or two ago? The EKOPATH 4 Compiler Suite that was open-sourced & "...can sharply outperform GCC in...
  2. Configuration

    Plz, what does coreboot offer in terms of configuring the motherboard's bells & whistles? Switch between integrated or discrete graphics at boot, amount of memory allocated to IGP, RAM settings, etc?
  3. Overheating protection, latency adjustment, Overclocking etc?

    I'd happily replace my BIOS if there's any chance it would fix my desktops boot & suspend problems.
    I have a Gigabyte 780G motherboard with a Phenom II 945; fortunately it has a backup bios chip. It...
  4. Where/how can I find out which lines to move &...

    Where/how can I find out which lines to move & where to move them?

    And how do I turn it on?

    Thanks unimatrix
  5. How do I get it to work?

    I'm a noob (at least compared to most phoronix readers), I *really* need this patch on my computer, I'm not crying for a ppa, but need a clue as to how to go about this with the command line.

  6. howto?

    I would *love* a howto on applying these patches.
    I have a netbook with a pathetic 16GB SSD which can do a few MB/s if sequential, but drops down to low kB/s if sequential. It absolutely kills the...
  7. Out of the box support when?

    To make this news a little more noob friendly, is there a good tutorial/example of how to get it to work?
    I need to ask some questions before I know this is good news:
    Does this work only with the...
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    Huh, I reinstalled ubuntu, with the netbook...

    Huh, I reinstalled ubuntu, with the netbook packages this time, & the test suite is installing as it should.

    Now I have /dev/sda1,5,6,7,8,9 for ext4,3,2,reiserfs,jfs,xfs respectively & want to run...
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    phoronix-test-suite install disk

    Thanks for the help Michael,
    I wanted to install a suite of tests to find which disk partition gave the best performance so I typed (with sudo too, but that didn't help)

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    Installer errors & disk benchmarking

    I want to find the best filesystem for my Acer Aspire One's pathetically slow 16 GB ssd, so it might just become useable again. For example, firefox's database brings browsing to a halt. I made ext4,...
  11. Sincere congrat's on the pretty triangle, but...

    How long until I can run Doom 3, Nexuiz, Google Earth, X3, Jack Keane, & the Penumbra series etc. with open source drivers on an r600+ at max settings? Ever?
  12. Nuts, I wanted to avoid problems. Unless there's...

    Nuts, I wanted to avoid problems. Unless there's a reasonably stable TB3 repository I guess I'll just have to do it manually. Thanks anyway.
  13. PPA?

    If Ubuntu's Gods don't give us TB3 through normal 9.10 package updates, & I think they normally don't until the next release, can I get it through a PPA or something that doesn't involve manually...
  14. For sure, so long as the linux port isn't...

    For sure, so long as the linux port isn't significantly more expensive than the windows version.
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    System76 has nVidia laptops has a range of good-looking laptops. If you don't care about games & just want video to work the X4500MHD from intel ought to do, & if you need something more there are a couple...
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    Escrow port fund?

    I'm curious - is there a website (& if not why hasn't it been done with all the commitment statements I've seen) with a list of (serious) potential porting projects that could be undertaken with a...
  17. I'm happy to see this. Storage is cheap & the...

    I'm happy to see this. Storage is cheap & the value of the convenience of having a single file can't be underestimated. I have a netbook (32 bit only) & will probably start using 64 on my desktop...
  18. So what?

    "ATI releases OpenCL ATI GPU support for Linux"

    So what? What does this mean? What's OpenCL good for? What applications might start to take advantage of this? Why should I care?

    That's what I'd...
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    I like the idea of some howto videos or articles....

    I like the idea of some howto videos or articles. Phoronix tends to report on what's happening & what's new but some more attention devoted to why something matters & how I might be able to use a...
  20. SB7xx problems

    I have an AMD SB700. Does this news matter to anyone besides coreboot users? When I ran Ubuntu 8.04 my computer had no problems. Now with 9.04 I get "softreset error"s while the computer boots, but...
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