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  1. I have GMA 4500 hardware, is it possible to...

    I have GMA 4500 hardware, is it possible to implement OpenGL 3+ features for this generation?
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    Windows driver is way ahead in terms of...

    Windows driver is way ahead in terms of performance and selective features set. Windows driver is like a smart boat, they only implement features that are required by games while Linux developers try...
  3. OMG is one of the best site...

    OMG is one of the best site ever for Linux

    Thank you so much!!!
  4. Modified Wine

    Can anyone post the link deb file here, I am crazy to try it out
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    Works perfectly here with GMA 4500 almost smooth...

    Works perfectly here with GMA 4500 almost smooth fps.

    you need latest Mesa, Chrome and s3tc
  6. Still slower than Windows driver ...

    Still slower than Windows driver

    this is pretty upsetting even with open source drivers and...
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    Intel GMA 4500 is broken in Mesa 8 devel

    Dear Dev,

    Intel GMA 4500 is horribly broken in Mesa 8 devel, tested Mesa 8 rc1 and and so forth.

    Only things work is glxgears and desktop 3d effect everything else like games getting opcode...
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    Intel Linux

    Hi Linux Dev team,

    Thank you very much for great Linux OpenGL support for Intel Graphics.

    2D is super fast and 3D needs a bit work for performance.

    My question is: will we get GLSL...
  9. Source Engine OpenGL

    I got the idea from this
    and other site.
  10. Intel Linux

    Intel Linux does not have any closed source super duper drivers like nVidia and AMD, so performance patches should have Intel priority first.

    Since most low end computers come with Intel graphics...
  11. Steam for Linux

    I dont understand this, Valve's Source engine is not even ported to OpenGL renderer for Mac, what they used instead used a OpenGL wrapper to the engine pretty much like WINE and Cedega (I hope it is...
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    Intel Linux

    If you get any progress, let me know.[/QUOTE]

    Hi, thanks for the info.

    I am not receiving anything like that on dmesg. I am using git too compiled Mesa and Xserver from xorg edgers ppa.

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    kernel MTRR

    Hi, I am using linux 2.6.38 from kernel ppa on Ubuntu 10.10. will I get performance boost with MTRR enabled. my graphics is Intel GMA 4500. if I will how to enable MTRR.

    Thank you
  14. on Lightsmark's side Linux's performance actually...

    on Lightsmark's side Linux's performance actually better than Windows.
    it is the regression that causing performance lag.

    just revert this commit, double performance...
  15. Charles Babbage

    Some people have the ability to think broadly and can see connections among many points, thats how scientists come to know about unknown.

    works from Charles Babbage made some think today's PC is...
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    Cedega is out

    guys head to gametreelinux and get cedega
    let the game begin:)
  17. Mesa Intel Linux Driver

    Linux Intel driver performance should not be tested against stock driver, because they have many performance and feature bugs.

    I do not know why Mesa even releases official driver with having so...
  18. see maybe transgaming...


    maybe transgaming not valve will help linux to get attention from wide developers audience
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    Minimize games

    Guys just use sdlhack to switch all SDL application

    and it is not a Linux's fault, just the developers do not want to bother with Linux Desktop's...
  20. D3D 9

    Is there any possibility that Direct3D 9 is also implemented by the same way. Because there are thousands of existing Direct3D 9 games that can be played by WINE:).
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