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  1. The documentation I see is...

    The documentation I see is
    which is not even at the level of a man page. The link in the first line of that document
    takes you to the same page....
  2. Thanks, that is clear. It is real genius of...

    Thanks, that is clear.

    It is real genius of the developer to avoid writing documentation
    and to just have the users document all the features by trial and error
    in the forums. There was one...
  3. Difference between various names that I am prompted for.

    When I run a test in phoronix, I am asked three questions.

    1. Enter a name to save these results under:
    2. Enger a unique name to describe this test run / configuration:
    3. If you wish, enter...
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    Works for me.


    I just thought I would say that it works for me on the first try. I just changed "Off" to "On" in php.ini
    and then it worked. Let me know if you need more details about my system.
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