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    Sound issue on laptop with headphones

    This has been solved, so I do not need any replies seems to work ok with ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron, though a bit silent in that ear compared to other, compared to other comps but ah well, seems...
  2. Project I. prev. 2. is good, but not perfect at all

    HMMZ, dunno why but Solaris does not detect my ethernet card in my laptop really weirdly and it has soundcard issues in more comps. It does not detect those really either, prolly will wait for the...
  3. You are right, ya sis suxorz and Thomas only knows dri for old sis gpus

    Answer part kinda:

    Yes you are right prolly nowadays but 2 years ago or 3 I got this laptop still for high price and had no idea there would be no 3d support for newer sis gpus, but I have been...
  4. Since Intel is still the smallest group I will write here again.

    Sorry for not writing for so long, I will now I think write more, my last post, my only post was months ago, thought nobody would answer, but since some answers came I decided to return.

    With sis...
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    Sis and via drivers for linux

    If Intel has a sepperate section so should via and sis probably, because intel makes integrated gpus only as I know and so does sis and via, if not then sorry, but I have only read of integrated...
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