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  1. Marginalize

    I walk into most stores now and find nothing but tablets.

    Speech to Text is the best ever! Laptops are a waste of money.

    Huge PC's are only good for servers.

    60'' TV + Chromecast + Tablet +...
  2. F is for failure

    Thought this mess was fixed back in 2011.,.,.,.,.

    Abandon all hope and jump ship. FREEBSD!!!!

    Seriously quality control?
  3. Probably so

    I've found the more stressed I am the less I play games. It's getting almost painful to sit down and play anything that requires thought.

    Hardware-wise, a lot of people have those Naga mice by...
  4. Replies

    Torvalds went on to say, "Note the contents of...

    Torvalds went on to say, "Note the contents of -136(%rbp). Seriously. That's an _immediate_constant_ that the compiler is spilling. Somebody needs to raise that as a gcc bug. Because it damn well is...
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    A long time ago in a forgotten realm, there lived a sprite named ., well Bob.
    Bob was cool. But when all the other kids got their licenses and moved on, Bob was lonely.

    One day Bob bought a 64...
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    You already have that one distribution with...

    You already have that one distribution with Ubuntu LTS.
    It provides the majority of what people want and the community is practically behind it whether they admit it or not.
    This site and all the...
  7. Fermi

    Random no; constantly yes.

    You're lucky to get Ubuntu 12.04.4, 13.x, or 14.04 installed without a lockup. Best practice is to not open anything besides the installer Ubiquilty.
  8. It's different alright, 12/13 hrs on Mountain...

    It's different alright,

    12/13 hrs on Mountain Lion and now 6-8 hrs on Mavericks. Hit the Mac forums and be amazed.

    Also, you can clear the various caches CMD/OPT P etc and it still poos on...
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    Red Hat?

    I thought Red Hat was the prime contributor to the product!

    But it's nothing like hitting rock bottom to clear up the confusion.

    I'm more pissed about IOS 7's shitty look than Gnome Shell's...
  10. Feasibility?

    It's running on FREEBSD ie. PS4's FreeBSD Kernel.
    How Feasible does it need to be?

    Can we also as$ume they're runing Xorg on the PS4?

    Come on AMD enough with the smoke and mirror routine...
  11. Gestures

    You need a visual que. An icon should be present somewhere on the screen to represent the object necessary to enable the program that needs to be executed.

    Why do you think there are so many...
  12. Hold down Shift? Strange things are afoot at the...

    Hold down Shift?
    Strange things are afoot at the Circle with 3 people :)
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    Maybe they're releasing a FreeBSD driver?
  14. Remember wodim?

    That was a good year of fun.

    Almost as fun when Intel forked up Xorg., ie Ubuntu 9.04/9.10

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    No comments?

    You generally get one peep from the community.
  16. javascript

    Why not write the whole thing in Javascript?
    HTML 5 is the way ahead. Most browsers have Spell Checkers built-in.

    Learning is frustrating.
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    Yeah, real hard: #1...

    Yeah, real hard:

    Up to you.
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    Having more than one monitor breaks your focus. I say just go with the largest thing you can afford that will still fit on your desk.

    AMD/ATI Quality>
    I started out coding OpenGL in Linux on a...
  20. JFS

    I've actually gotten a speed boost using JFS to host my VirtualBox Virtuals instead of using Ext4.
    I'll investigate this more. Don't bring out the tar and feathers yet.
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