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    why? (curious)

    why? (curious)
  2. n00bix v2 - debian live + e17 plus installer

    Hi everyone,

    just here to let you know about the release of n00bix. Debian for everyone!

    The basic idea is simple enough, it's debian; live or...
  3. Why don't you create some such amazon want list....

    Why don't you create some such amazon want list. Last i remember you can compile an i want list on amazon, like a santa christmas list. You can call it phoronix santa sack. ;)

    And obviously post...
  4. yoohoo

    There's supposed to be a slew of problems past 319.x .That nvidia are happily ignoring. Apparently 'help with nouveau' translates to 'target and destroy nvidia linux binary'.

    I call this the...
    Android is an operating system based on the Linux kernel <wikipedia.


    i could run all your specialized apps under...
  6. Thanks for the info Daktyl .

    Thanks for the info Daktyl .
  7. fullscreen

    Are these benchmarks running in fullscreen mode?

    Are there options for gnome-shell under xorg and wayland not to composite fullscreen windows....and are on or off? :)
  8. So pstate powersave... Now the last 3.12 disk...

    So pstate powersave...

    Now the last 3.12 disk benchmarks were on a haswell, but it's unclear if that's pstate or cpufreq, and no link to the ob test.
    How about some AMD system on 3.12 with the...
  9. Schmidtbag, which SSD do you have ? As for...

    Schmidtbag, which SSD do you have ?

    As for the previous comment by someone else about the on-demand governor and benchmarks. On-Demand is the 'default', Michael benchmarks the default. He's...
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    suits you sir

    "- It's a myth that Steam doesn't support GPL-licensed games....."

    "- It costs $100 USD to push a game onto Steam Greenlight....

    "- One of the larger problems is that there's currently no...
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    video?! :(

    fosdem did not record any of the crossdesktop talks.

    did anyone record this presentation?
  12. splattop

    second: always one, it's been possible with the /console switch for years(from any rdp client). sorry u just found out :P
    third: yup

    As for the other comments quite the same as me,...
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    nvidia auto thermal is terrible.

    constantly have to put the coolbits on and pump up the fan to 50 or 60%. then on idle it's 60 C or so

    if i leave it on the nvidia AUTO mode default is 40%, it...
  14. Composit

    Windows 7 : is Aero On?
    Kubuntu: kwin?
  15. Very informative, thanks for your input. I did...

    Very informative, thanks for your input. I did not realise that most distro's really did stop at .x.x mark. And so it makes sense.
  16. pish pash

    what the hell. Seriously now folks, am i just imaging it, when did linus join the browser version number war?

    it tooks years to get to 3.5 firefox, no we on what? 10, 11, 12? or is it 15 already....
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    It's called XenCenter for windows. You can...

    It's called XenCenter for windows. You can connect it to XCP packages on any distro. Have fun.

    or openxenmanager or convirture.

    If you want a little desktop app virt, virtualbox and KVM are...
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    So way back in the day on windows 98 you could get some sort of software/emulated GPU to play say halflife on a machine that only had a silly ati rage card in it. It might have been something to do...
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    Requesting Benchmarks


    I sent and email, never got any response, now i can't find the sent item, forum it is :)

    If you could do some decode playback tests, codec vs codec.
    Ogg Theora vs FLV vs WebM vs WMV vs...
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    I agree with the RANT

    Some PFY at ubuntu decided to drop Xen for KVM. In terms of development, KVM is ALPHA SOFTWARE. Xen is PRODUCTION STABLE.

    KVM is a TYPE 2 hypervisor (go look that up, cos you need to obviously)....
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