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    None really

    Please if you are having a blank screen try the Option "BusType" "PCI" in the driver section of the xorg.conf file. It worked for me . Check to see if you ssh into the machine and see what was going...
  2. FC6 Fedora 6 2.6.18-1 kernel linux blank black screen

    For those experiencing a blank login screen in FC6 or some other distro with ati fglrx drivers. If ssh into the machine and cpu is usage of Xorg is high or 98% or something like that there is bug in...
  3. Modlines maybe

    I think it is related to mode lines . I googled and found similar problems on other ati cards where the fglrx driver bombs out xserver. IE the display can't handle the output thus you get a blank...
  4. Working sorta Blank screen

    Ok I have the fglrx module loading and all but when I do the disable extensions part I get a blank screen when xserver starts up . Check the log file no errors at all. Says everything is good to go ....
  5. /dev/dri/card0 no such device

    Here is the important part . I feel like the fedora installer messed up when installing FC6 because X server wouldn't even start after a fresh install( blank login screen after graphical boot) . I...
  6. FC6 x64 ati 9600 M10 no luck

    Machine is amd64 2GB Ram, ATI 9600 M (64Mb ) , FC 6

    I have done what has been described and get the buildpkg Fedora/FC6 to work and get to install the drivers but whatever I do the dam thing...
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