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  1. VIA Keeps Trying For Kernel Inclusion Of Its DRM

    If youre trying to do photo editing, dont go with VIA. Not enough horsepower, for that matter as someone already said it may not have enough power for HD playback even.
  2. Getting Open Source 3D graphics on R6XX/R7XX cards NO FGLRX

    Hi All,

    Can i know has anybody tried any open source tool for migration from Documentum to Vignette database ?
    If yes, then post some ideas how we can achieve that migration.
  3. FreeBSD 8 0 Benchmarked Against Linux OpenSolaris

    The Linux NTFS project seems pretty stable as far as reading NTFS volumes, but write support is very limited You can change data of a file, but arent able to extend files or create new ones. There is...
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    ECS A785GM M Black

    Hi, I currently have an ECS GF8100VM-M5 NVIDIA nForce720a AM2 motherboard, I was wondering what is the best possible AM2 CPU I can put on this motherboard, it is currently using an AMD Phenom 9500...
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    Valve To Launch Native Linux Game In July

    i think valve got beat at the realistic war thing to it so they just decided to forge ahead with an updated version of the original team fortress.
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    need help with new video card

    you certainly do need a pci express card and you need one that will not hit the power to hard... slayer is offering you a good option.. what else do you use your system for??
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    mainboard brands comparison

    Let us know what kind of mainboard you have.

    Please take the poll and select your brand if one is missing, let me know and also post what model you have.

    This will give us more insight as to...
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    Gaming with Open Source ATI drivers

    While we like the flexibilty and local adaptability of the Icons its too early for open source. It would be too easy to miss the fundamental values of GMS.
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    New X Org Release Process Has Been Reached


    Im Susanne from Fight Hunger.

    I just wanted to thank all of you for your support in our mission to end child hunger by 2015 It means a lot to us

    We are looking forward to working with you...
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    Contact form or email address

    I have the form going to 2 address which on one it shows up the other wont show up. BUT I have that same second email address on other forms and it does show up. So my server is not blocking...
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