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    I've been trying to enable composite extensions...

    I've been trying to enable composite extensions with my fglrx -- do you know a good web page that explains how to do so? I have it enabled in my xorg.conf but every time I try to start it up (now)...
  2. Refresh prob

    Right! It's weird because I have it set properly and this was the same xorg.conf I used w/ the previous driver (which set the freq. properly) but the new driver doesn't. I rebooted after installing...
  3. I'm getting the same

    I had the same problem and my refresh rate was haywire.. totally being ignored and all I got were crazy lines across my monitors.
  4. Dual Monitor + fglrx problem -- slow refresh on second screen

    I've been able to get dual monitors working on my radeon 3870/ubuntu system with 2 DVI Monitors. The only problem I'm having is that my second monitor seems to be refreshing horrendously...
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