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  1. hm

    most of the games use wine or dosbox, but they work without troubles gj
  2. hm

    only ubuntu icon not penguin :rolleyes:
  3. good?

    35 fps really? is not good at all
  4. hm 41 fps without AA and other things

    ok not bad but with battlefield 4? what i remember the game is a pain in ass to put the things hight, the ram at this clocks help a lot no doubt, this apu or igpu will gain a lot with future ddr4 in...
  5. use non free drivers

    use non free drivers or upgrade to kernel 3.16 with the free drivers, if you use ubuntu use this repo and download chrome 34...
  6. iris and new gen

    iris 5200 pro is at level of 740m is the better igp out there, the better apu can't compete against this gpu
  7. it will ready for the end of year

    intel wants opengl 4.2 ready for new gen in the end of year, look like we will have a 10.3 -> 11.0

    opengl 5 is not critical for now
  8. yes sorry

    yes i see the mail now, michael fault, they write this is only for haswell and new ;p ;)

    i see they refer gen7 or newer
  9. thank you intel

    thank you intel i have sandy and ivy thank you so much :mad:
  10. nothing is perfect

    nothing is perfect, but i have some amd/ati cards over the years, 4870/4890/4850/5770/ some apu and 5770m (the worst nightmare in my life) after years waiting for good drivers i give up, today i have...
  11. use intel then

    intel is the only companie who provides good opensource drivers
  12. again and again

    amd cards are great, the support... i give up from amd because of their drivers, ppl complain about nvidia, but nvidia put things working always not like amd

    fact:i want my hardware working,...
  13. nvidia

    don't buy amd cards, great hardware, garbage drivers the normal thing
  14. hm intel

    hm intel controls everything...:mad:
  15. Replies


    and spotify cares about FOSS why? they change for another similar distro with a good price, is very likely something like rhel costs much more
  16. Replies

    shame why?

    explain why... everything works what the shame?
  17. lol

    no one pass, all bad
  18. Replies

    look the example of dx11 and dx10

    look the example of dx11 and dx10 and dx10.1 almost no games with dx10 in the market
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    horrible default interface again, i will try it to see if i go to kde or not in future
  20. ye

    it not run att all in generic pcs at least with amd cpu, this the main reason for osx only run with their macs
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