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  1. no

    he need to use opendrivers in linux, he's in favor of opensource but uses windows to play games lol :rolleyes: some ppl my god, ""i'm only use opensource with my linux, fuck you nvidia, etc..." but...
  2. amd need

    amd need to improve the single core performance a lot and not put more and more cores in their cpu, why is the point of a 16 core cpu if apps use no more than 6/8?:confused:
  3. mac osx

    mac osx is the worst in comput benchs is well known
  4. hm

    because mesa 10.1 is not ready for bay trail, only mesa 10.2 and newer, in ubuntu for good performance with this gpu you need to use the intel drivers from their website or some ppa with dev
  5. hm

    haswell support is ready, noting to do with kernel driver... at least look like is ready and stable...
  6. its only for kernel 3.18

    only kernel 3.18 will support this for your card you will to wait more than 2 months to have some "rc" version to use
  7. some

    some with older kernel use 3.10 i think
  8. this feature rocks

    this feature rocks, using a good desktop in my office and a simply laptop with a tv ;)
  9. =)

    with some lucky at the end of year we have opengl 4.2 and next year 4.5 ready
  10. i'm not a fanboy

    no fanboy here, i use what i think is better for me. i have amd cards i buy a lot of them because the price untill i buy a nvidia. r600 is good no doubt but the new apu are all RSI, for exemple i...
  11. wait one week

    wait one week after stable launch of gnome 3.14
  12. r600

    r600 is for old cards
  13. more and less

    more and less, the performance is not so good
  14. hardly why?

    hardly why? for a daily user? for someone who wants the last software we need to upgrade version to version
  15. Replies

    i have a hope

    i have a hope, optimus without tearing with this kernel
  16. a question

    you prefer a woman good in bad and fat or a beauty o can't do sex? linux/apple ;)
  17. apple really?

    nice joke look to the performance of 3d drivers
  18. i can't understand

    i can't undertand why ppl supports so much amd, i really can't, having a amd card in linux is the worst nightmare, but ok continue supporting them, better decision in my life:

    last year sell all...
  19. lolol


    amd drivers all garbage open or no open never work (i give up from amd because of this) who cares if they help the open driver if he don't work well
    mantle? if mantle is like the old...
  20. when?

    when amd do something good?
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