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  1. Thunderbird - missing open CardDAV support for Contacts

    I use Thunderbird on my HomeOffice PC (Linux), on my Notebook (Linux) as well as on some customer locations (Windows), where I have an own user user account on their system.

    I really enjoy the...
  2. Happy Birthday Steam - and thanks for your work

    Well, I am not a gamer at all.
    However, I really do appreciate very much the work Valve is doing on Linux.

    1.) to bring gamers and therefore more users to the Linux world.
    2.) to work on...
  3. Delta RPM off by default but with easy changing

    I guess, like me, most users have a decent internet connection.
    There the updates take longer due to the rebuilding of the rpm files.

    So I would prefer to have delta rpm switched off.

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    canonical ....and again


    ....canonical tried to run their own show (with their own Upstart init system) and to CONTROL ALL themself, rather than to co-work with the community on the other init systems.
  5. Phoronix Birthday +

    ...which is as well my birthday. ;)

    Greetings from Switzerland,
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    Michael offered Scott Moreau a prominent spot on...

    Michael offered Scott Moreau a prominent spot on his great web site, to present his point of view on the subject. The space for a full four page article. That was really very supportive.

  7. like Sinatra, canonical might sing: "...and do it my way."

    Well, they might do it the canonical way. Take all the hard work from others - eg take the Wayland solution of how this minimize thing has been solved - , put some ubuntu sauce on it, so it can't be...
  8. Who said Wayland is complete? :confused: ...

    Who said Wayland is complete? :confused: (Beside you.)
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    "CONTRIBUTE HELP" for whom? Contribute and help...

    "CONTRIBUTE HELP" for whom? Contribute and help for themself of course! Rather than helping and contributing for Wayland. :mad:
    Well, Canonical being on the ego trip, suffering from the...
  10. Thanks whitecat for the link. I have read the...

    Thanks whitecat for the link.

    I have read the article, as well as the comments.
    Have you read the comments/discussion as well? Especially toward the end!

    From what I read from various sources,...
  11. It DEPENDS on the USE CASE !

    I would expect so.

    Various tests are showing compiling kernels, heavy en- and decoding of media files, heavy video editing, large database applications and some gaming do actually benefit from the...
  12. There is demand for different versions! with Intelligent setup/installation?

    I guess, there is demand for different version:

    a) Limited hardware
    There are still 32bit CPUs around (old machines, various ARM architectures, other special hardware).
    Those DO REQUIRE 32bit...
  13. Right! Where are those x32 distros?

    Hi chithanh

    Thanks for pointing to this article.
    I remember now reading it.
    But as you mentioned, still was waiting for some comparisons.

    So let's hope, it's not gonna take too long for some...
  14. Thanks. Couldn't put it up any better. :D

    Couldn't put it up any better. :D
  15. we need some x32 to compare

    I agree!

    So, what we really need, is some x32 systems and apps to run and compare!
  16. x32 ABI: only real facts and results will tell

    I followed the x32 discussions for quite a while.
    While there are some heavy lifters, which can utilize the 64bit width: There were several reports showing, that many applications don't really...
  17. x86 vs x86_64 vs x32 ?


    Hi Michael
    The x32 ABI has been in the Kernel for a while and several compiles have added x32 capability as well.
    I just wonder if there is somewhere a x32 version of a linux distro...
  18. I'm glad you mentioned it. Else I would have...

    I'm glad you mentioned it.
    Else I would have jumped in to put it on the table. ;-)
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    Freedom of Choice

    I fully agree.

    After years of testing, last year I changed my live System from M$ Windows to Linux.
    There are still a few apps, which I have to run in a Windows-Box (VirtualBox).

    I wouldn't...
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    I am with you, 100%. Also using it on several...

    I am with you, 100%.
    Also using it on several diff. OS machines.

    Really bad news! :(
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