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  1. Cities: Skylines

    I plan on buying Cities: Skylines within the next few weeks. I've been following the development on reddit and it looks very good, plus the fact that Linux is supported I wont need to make use of...
  2. For anyone with more than one email account,...

    For anyone with more than one email account, Thunderbird in my opinion is essential for convenience and efficiency.

  3. I tried it, but..

    I ended up uninstalling it. I did not like the UI and it didn't provide any advantages over what I currently get from Firefox.
  4. I had about 10 seconds of excitment

    when I first read about this on another website earlier this morning, then I realized this is just another slightly altered Chromium browser.
  5. First I've heard of this guy....

    I find it really strange that a guy with a Ph.D. in computer science and a masters in mathematics would really have had the problems he said he had with apt-get, Ubuntu and Linux. I don't know about...
  6. Stop the insanity!

    The anti-systemd crowd have really outdone themselves. This is the most absurd development yet. :eek:
  7. Works on some Linux distro's

    I was unsuccessful at getting it to work on Kubuntu, but had success on openSuse. Something not obvious is going on behind the scenes because the version of Google Chrome used is the same, and the...
  8. Error Code: M7063-1913

    I get the same error and I'm using Google Chrome version 38.0.2114.2 64-bit. I first tried the original instructions, then I tried altering the user agent to match the version number, but whatever...
  9. The reason non-profit organizations (my...

    The reason non-profit organizations (my experience is with small local non-profits) stay with Microsoft Windows & Office, and other proprietary software, is because they get huge discounts, or...
  10. This is just crazy

    The entire intellectual property, copyright, patent situation is so damaged that it's being used for all purposes except for the original reason they were created. :mad:
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    On KDE, from what I understand, if you go into system settings, session management, and change the on login to Start with empty session, you should see KDE load faster.
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    Could Ubuntu not just offer two options?
    A CD size image for most basic functionality, and a second larger image, up to the size of of DVD that has the best selection of software and options...
  13. Then how does that explain the errors I received...

    Then how does that explain the errors I received not too long ago, where Wine recommended that I use the Nouveau Driver instead of the Nvidia?
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    it works

    I'm typing this on my laptop with the Linux 3.11 kernel and the nvidia 331 beta driver.
  15. I have not used fedora 18 or gnome 3.6,so what...

    I have not used fedora 18 or gnome 3.6,so what you are saying is if you want to logout, you need to shut down or restart? I think there are valid reasons to logout, and can't imagine why that feature...
  16. I'm waiting...

    I've been using Nvidia graphics cards for several years and have been very satisfied. Nouveau driver development is interesting, but I won't try it until it is as good or better than Nvidia's...
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    Lots of haters here

    I get some don't like KDE, but to waste people's time with posts that aren't constructive criticism, and just bad mouthing is so childish.
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    As little disappointed

    I was expecting an actual device of some kind, like a phone or tablet. Instead it's just a software announcement that may not go anywhere. This is a very competitive market, just look at how Palm has...
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    Thank you for responding to that users comment.

    I don't think anyone is surprised by the actions of Nokia lately. It's on a path straight to the grave. Fortunately Qt already has the ability to...
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    I have been using Thunderbird for years, and it's a great piece of software. Why they never integrated the lightning calendar add-on is beyond my comprehension. I can only compare Thunderbird to...
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