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    looks more clean

    Given amount of content exposed, seems to me it's all the little tweaks that add up to a more "clean" look - improving the use of white space, some gray-scaling. I note that I can also find what I'm...
  2. some good ideas, needed support for time and work

    That Nick couldn't make a go with consulting to support Sprazz is not an uncommon thing to happen to any developer, nor the lack of outside support of any useful kind, and I think that knocking him...
  3. Looks like my hopes are in the process of being answered.

    It's not that I'm afraid of CLI/terminal, at least not for the ordinary reasons; it's that I have a talent for finding novel ways of upscrewing things, or so it seems. Sure, and I've compiled a few...
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    And you're right, of course: experience counts,...

    And you're right, of course: experience counts, sometimes for a lot. From limited but more than I cared for experience, I know the first time for a number of things purely throws one for a loop,...
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    congrats on getting a gat

    Having your own piece can improve your outlook - emotionally, psychologically, rationally.

    Be warned, however. Unless you spend twenty hours a week for a year training in CQB, with a minimum of...
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    no simple solution?

    I rarely ask, but for "99.9%....paperwork" I want to see some cites. Cops as a rule don't like paperwork; according to what I read, and those serving and retired cops I've spoken with, paperwork...
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    open ≠ free

    Or, you know, you could pay the guy $5 for his work.

    Whatever you may estimate of your own talent, skill, and productivity and his projected lack of same, it's not like Parted Magic is something...
  8. counting is hard

    Do the figures count those who are running Steam with Wine or the PlayOnLinux and Crossover front-ends for it? Even with the native client, most of my game time is still spent via Crossover, mostly...
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    This is another fine kettle of fish you've gotten me into, Ollie.

    I don't spend as much time here as I'd like, but even so, this has been one of the livelier and to me more informative threads of late. Thanks, all. There were easily seven or ten posts I wanted to...
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    is it a good idea to backport

    About two years ago, after reading a bit on the yeas and nays of it, I turned on 'backports' in the sources tab.

    My laptop always has the last LTS with backports, the tower usually has the latest...
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    making adjustments

    For me the Unity bar on a wide-screen display with smaller icons is not a burden; one may have it set to auto-hide also. The first thing I do on a new install is get classicmenu-indicator which...
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