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    PTS Live CD and my NIC

    I boot up PTS live CD and I have no hard wired internet connection. Any suggestions on how should I get this fixed? Is there a way to manually install a driver for my NIC?


  2. I think it work I have the...

    I think it work I have the <environmentDirectory>/Export/installed-tests/</EnvironmentDirectory> set to the export mount.
    and ...
  3. Testing 2 different mount points with PTS/Disk

    The user-config.xml doesn't tell me much about the path. I did find the user-config-defaults that was helpful. The cachedirectory has all the tests listed. I've copied that directory to...
  4. How to pts/disk with 2 different hdd' in the system.

    I'm running the phoronix test suite and I'm using the command phoronix-test-suite benchmark pts/disk.
    The program runs fine but I have an SSD as the primary drive and an WD3tb as a secondary.
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