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    [QUOTE=Serge;399362]Hi everyone, I have been a...

    [QUOTE=Serge;399362]Hi everyone,

    I have been a proud and happy user of IBM / Lexmark Model M keyboards for many years now. However, I've decided that it is time for me to join the modern era and...
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    Leaks Team

    They look like alligators from the swamp to me. Next time I visit the Everglades, I'll
    take some beer along to keep them happy.

    Truthfully, though, I've never met an alligator that used KDE - I...
  3. There is something wrong with this rush to the...

    There is something wrong with this rush to the smartphone market.
    Surely there is a stable desktop market. As for myself, I'll have a hard
    time moving off Gnome2. If I get shoved off a cliff, I may...
  4. Linux/Windows driver support

    I agree about OS/X & WIndows driver support - Nobody does as good a job at supporting third-party
    hardware as Microsoft. The real problem at this point is that they may succeed at locking Linux
  5. Why I have to run Windoze

    I'm an old-time Linux user from the early 90s. Recently, with considerable reluctance,
    I've made the decision to run Linux on top of VMware on top of Windoze on my laptops.

    There are 2 main...
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