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  1. The build instructions.

    Here is what I did:

    1. Start with clean system. I use LFS (Linux from scratch where no X is installed, no png, jpeg libs etc..)
    2. Complile and install newest kernel with vmwgfx enabled (DRM...
  2. configure options

    Mostly I haved used --enable-glesv2 instead of --enable-opengl.
    But in next couple of days i will fetch all from git a build it again from scratch so I will note all commands and changes to source...
  3. Hello again. I have tried also other clients...

    Hello again.

    I have tried also other clients and for example smoke is not working.
    The window is there but not visible. I see only hand cursor.

    And the funnies about it is, when I start...
  4. Westion Terminal not working (no fonts!!) on vmwgfx.


    I have successfully build weston/wayland on VMWare with vmwgfx (without X windows, so no X11 libs, no X server).
    I can run almost all clients. Flower, simple-egl, clickdot are working like...
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