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  1. Sometimes I wonder who's paying for all these shill commenters

    1. This is a ridiculous statement, and you're not being honest about the legitimate problems we've faced as a community. You also are not accounting for the diverse set of opinions in the community,...
  2. LLVM breaking APIs

    Yea, we both know you could never do that type of version upgrade.... and expect your project to finish compilation. This is actually the real problem with permissively licensed code, and is the...
  3. What what what???

    I can't speak for GCC, I'll let any aggrieved users speak for themselves. More importantly a project should never be compared to other project to justify it's own mistakes. A project should compare...
  4. You speak of the 'greater' LLVM/Clang community...

    You speak of the 'greater' LLVM/Clang community like it's a real organic community, It was never created with an organic community model. Permissively licensed project work is done is by a single...
  5. Its possible

    It's definitely possible, but it has a few significant core architectural concerns. I guess you could say it like this, the HURD part is great actually, it's MACH that is garbage. Basically they...
  6. I'd be perfectly fine with just a heavy learning...

    I'd be perfectly fine with just a heavy learning process.... but the constant API breakage is ridiculous! LLVM/CLANG break API so often, they make Wayland look like it's API was chiseled in stone.
  7. Found a Video of Stallman, He opposes NSA. Stop painting him as the machine.
  8. I'm not even sure you're actually informed,...

    I'm not even sure you're actually informed, regarding the process in which permissive code is subsequently closed. I mean just really think about this for one second ok, big corporations LOVE BSD...
  9. You have not responded to my point, I never...

    You have not responded to my point, I never claimed all permissively licensed code is dying.
    I was saying the BSD OS's are dying, as would Linux if it was also permissively licensed. The fact is...
  10. Responce To Mark45's political nonsence

    Hey mark, Take your anti-leftism propaganda and shove it man.
    If you want to call Linux and everything it means to us communism, then so be it, but seriously STFU.

    Linux isn't great because its...
  11. Source Hoarders and

    Couldn't agree more!

    Once again a permissive licence grants the community it's benefits. This is why I'm so glad about LibreOffice, and The Document Foundation. Apparently LibreOffice4Android...
  12. Replies

    Wanted to add a little but on what PreferLinux just said,

    PreferLinux pretty much got the last couple 'loopholes' covered clearly, so I encourage any believers in the 'loopholes' to read his recent post.

    Regarding the 'forumn is an organization'...
  13. ndiswrapper

    First off ndiswrapper is extremely important, and needs to be updated to support NDIS6. There is almost no excusable reason why it's even taken this long, it's not like NDIS6 hasn't been the...
  14. Graphics stack related answer,

    Just wanted to provide some info about the various graphic stacks, and where the FB fits in the picture.

    The simplest way to work in graphics mode is through the Linux Framebuffer (fbdev). In the...
  15. Replies

    Have you forgotten about PulseAudio???

    Seriously have you forgotten about PuleAudio???
    I don't have the same criticism against Systemd, at least it's operating at the correct place.
    Now if you created a new daemon above traditional...
  16. Dependencies and Bloat, respective to Doxygen

    Regarding that thick stack of dependencies, while it's not exactly Doxygen's 'bloat', It's still system 'bloat'. More importantly it's worth stating, any resulting feelings of unease are legitimate....
  17. dropping support wrong originally!

    The C back-end was one of the most unique LLVM features, it should have never been dropped originally! I was literally fuming when I heard it was dropped, thank god it's coming back.
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    What must be stated

    Systemd has thus far not been a huge problem, yet I truly believe both upstart and launchd are better systems. BSD Init scripts are too limited, and they were my no. 1 reason to avoid Arch. A...
  19. gemrb, Comments from my most recent experience.

    I recently, at most 2 months ago, compiled the trunk version of gemrb. I saw the impressive screenshots, and couldn't believe such an ambitious project could be so completed.
    Unfortunately no...
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    an even better proposal, here is an idea

    OK, Clang has better debugging and yadda yadda yadda... LLVM is the best thing since sliced bread, I get it.. I really get it.

    so here is my proposal,

    Have code compiled be at least as...
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