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    happy mageia user

    After 15 years using gentoo, learning a lot from always solving problems and trying out bleeding edge software I switched to the other extreme:
    Mageia, itīs very friendly maintenance-wise and...
  2. Absolutely love Mageia 3

    My 2cts:
    No thrills, not whistles but absolutely rock solid!
    Off course not bleeding edge but fairly up to date too!
    best kde distro I know ( way better then mint, kubuntu or whatever)
  3. What does this mean for Libertine fonts?

    Hi I really like the Linux Libertine fonts ( )
    What does this new rasterizer mean for these fonts, can it be used?
  4. what does this mean for the libertine fonts?

    I really like the linux libertine fonts.
    What does this new rasterizer mean for these fonts?
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