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    What Do You Want In Linux Drivers This Year?

    I can't wait for the recently opened X-Fi card to get the support it needs. I have an audigy 2 but I got an X-Fi the day I heard they'd opened it up and am waiting for some decent support before I...
  2. Gimme, gimme, gimme!

    I'm a longtime Mythtv user that made the pepsi switch from gentoo to Ubuntu two years ago and would love to give Boxee a look-see. My Ubuntu box is my media portal to the world; it's connected to...
  3. Blu-Ray or HD-DVD, which one for linux users?

    Okay, so the next generation of media is coming. My concern is that we are going to get some new encryption that we won't have a DVD-John for. Which, if any, do you think will have any or better...
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