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  1. Could not agree more.

    Could not agree more.
  2. New site design

    Oh, that explains why the new design of has such huge fonts, like for blind people: retina screen.

    People with non-retina screen have to zoom out. It is good that Google Chrome...
  3. Surprised NVIDIA can run 4 screens

    I was surprised to learn that NVIDIA can now run more that 2 displays on the same X server.

    In the past it required using more than one X server and Xinerama but the desktop performance was...
  4. No Unigine benchmarks

    Nice work, however:

    1) The games used for benchmarks are obsolete. At least add Unigine Valley benchmark.
    2) Modern graphics cards are not included.

    -- Maxim
  5. Works out of the box with Fedora 18

    A similar setup with 3 screens with 90 rotation on Radeon HD 5670 and the open source driver on Fedora 18:
  6. too little, too late

    I'd say that this move is too little, too late.

    After so many months of bad user interface decisions one really questions whether Gnome developers are reasonable at all. I was a happy Gnome user...
  7. Replies

    more hardcore benchmarks

    It would be very interesting if you guys along with file system benchmarks, benchmarked core features of operating systems, such as scheduler latencies and responsivness, tcp/udp network stack...
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