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  1. Yep, HDD tests are importent

    I use Ext4, but...

    "The EXT4 vs. Btrfs file-system comparison was more competitive with a Serial ATA 3.0 hard drive
    compared to recent SSD file-system comparisons."

    Comparing to the SSD (only)...
  2. And again with the SSD only tests - how do I know what HD performance looks like

    Most people will be using TB drives in the applications for BTRFS and both EXT4 and BRFS are optimised for seek times etc on physical drives - I'd like to know how these metrics compare.

  3. Replies

    These tests are meaningless on (just) SSD drives

    XFS and BTRFS can manage Exabyte file systems where in many cases hard disk drives will be used due to their better bank for buck (and maybe longer lifetime) over SSDs.

    HDDs have seek and...
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