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    obvious reasons

    There are a few blatantly obvious reasons why oracle would do this:

    To advertise the jvm as a viable scripting virtual machine. All scripting engines have some sort of virtual machine, but the...
  2. hollow marketing, rude supporters

    Ok so you can now build your own kernel (fancy that, i thought that was a gpl requirement anyway), but this is what they claimed in the blog post:

    "first ARM-based multimedia SoC with...
  3. it's not that old ...

    ... that everybody should have forgotten by now. Then again, it is phoronix.

    PPE is a single core with dual-threading. And the PPE just isn't very fast, but it wasn't designed to be. It's only...
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    Yeah, what kind of problem? None of the other...

    Yeah, what kind of problem? None of the other magazine's benchmarking (anandtech, toms hardware, etc) had any problem with opencl apart from on the 680. And when it did run it was generally quite...
  5. It's only because it's not GPL

    Lets face it, the only reason qualcomm and other hardware manufactures are so interested in it (incl apple), is that it isn't a GPL project.

    They're so allergic to the GPL they'd rather spend...
  6. It's not just that they have no value - they are...

    It's not just that they have no value - they are a cost and a liability.

    Given some of the stuff i've seen on the rhombus-tech mailing list, this sort of thing is probably one of the few chances...
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    it is about linux, and free software developers

    You guys come up with some strange notions, it has nothing to do with windows.

    This is clearly related to the fact that AMD have finally started putting more effort into their linux stuff. Such as...
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    just what we all need ...

    Another pile of rubbish we don't need that will take 5 years to even work ... The document's justifications are laughable as well, they read like they're put together by someone who is trying to...
  9. not terribly useful

    Although its probably better than nothing, these tech demo's hardly constitute reasonable benchmarks.

    Despite aims to the contrary, with OpenCL you really need to tailor the code to suit each...
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    That's been my limited experience - NTFS isn't...

    That's been my limited experience - NTFS isn't just slow it's abysmal.

    That ext4 is 'on par' with it really points to ext4 being a very very poor choice. (and probably that the benchmark wasn't...
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    I find it curious that you're using ubuntu to do...

    I find it curious that you're using ubuntu to do any performance tests. I've found it to be really very slow in relation to the hardware performance, which also translates into higher power use...
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