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  1. The HD2300 mobility radeon card is a strange...

    The HD2300 mobility radeon card is a strange card. It doesn't get covered by the "HD2xxx" range of cards - there isn't even a Windows 7 driver, catalyst or otherwise, for it, let alone one for linux....
  2. A slightly different nvidia vs ati question (I think)

    I've read a lot of reviews and threads comparing these cards. It seems to be nine tenths of the topics in this section of the forum. Most of the questions don't really help me much.

    I like to game...
  3. Thread: laptop advice

    by bduza

    laptop advice

    I've been using linux on my Acer laptop for a bit over a year (Ubuntu mostly, though I've experimented with a few different ones, including OpenSuse and Arch). My one constant headache has always...
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