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  1. UPDATE: ...


    New beta driver. Has been completely rewritten and supports upmixing to side and rear channels.

    I'm going to give...
  2. Revamped CMI8788 driver for ALSA coming soon.

    Phoronix is already on top of this probably, but I thought I'd drop a line and let everyone know that I have been in contact with Clemens Ladisch who is working on the CMI8788 driver.

    He is now in...
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    Nevermind. Problem solved. The fix was...

    Nevermind. Problem solved.

    The fix was actually very simple. I didn't have the proper permissions set for /dev/input/event* :eek:

    The joystick test module appears within the source directory...
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    Joystick Support Not Working in WINE

    Well, I tried both #winehq and thought i had the fix, as well as traveled to hell and back on google. So I'm hoping someone here will know what to do.

    The problem is that WINE does not properly...
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