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    Desktop Display

    Would it not make more sense to have the desktop version of the UI appear on the monitor instead of just mirroring the tablet UI and scaling it?
    Also, I'm hoping that this will be plug and play so...
  2. Promo video

    Is it just me or does their promo video say a whole lot of nothing?

    Great, you're going to use fibre and memristors in a a software defined datacenter 'cloud in a box.' So how does that translate...
  3. XDMCP

    So... if XDMCP support has been dropped, how do we do thin clients hanging off of a server? XDMCP use to be the way this was done back in the day. Without it how would this be accomplished?
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    Thanks Michael

    This was the test I was looking to see. I hope that the btrfs folks close the outstanding gaps going forward but it looks very promising. Now, this has been done on SSD's, does it hold true on...
  5. Raid 0

    What's the point of testing Raid 0? There is no drive level redundancy and this doesn't test the efficiency of parity calculations. I'd much rather see a RAID5 performance comparison between BTRFS...
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    Well at least now they are realizing their dream...

    Well at least now they are realizing their dream of being a tablet OS. Not like they haven't been preparing for it for years. Maybe now they can get off of the desktop and leave us to have something...
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    Ubuntu + KDE = Lost opportunity

    In my opinion, Ubuntu made a bad choice by going with Gnome early on. They should have started with KDE and used their resources to help polish it up until it was as seamless an experience as gnome 2...
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    Who cares if it's standard or not?

    Seriously. IMO, who gives a rats a$$ if it's 'standard' or not. Does it cover the platforms you need to code for? Does it make your life easier? and most importantly, does it help you or result in...
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    BTW Michael, you did do a ZFS vs EXT4+LVM on RAID...

    BTW Michael, you did do a ZFS vs EXT4+LVM on RAID benchmark back in April, do you not still have those disks?
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    I should mention that I'm not going to do RAID5...

    I should mention that I'm not going to do RAID5 on one SSD of course, but it gives me the opportunity/excuse to reinstall my whole system which has 6 other drives.
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    As long as you have 3 HDD of the same RPM (need...

    As long as you have 3 HDD of the same RPM (need not be SSD's) you should be ok. Just create the same sized partition on each of them if they aren't the same size. It's not terribly scientific but...
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    Filesystem benchmark request

    I've bought an SSD and looking for the right setup to use that has RAID and LVM capabilities. I'm thinking of BTRFS or MDRAID5+LVM+EXT4|XFS so what I'd like to see as a benchmark is something that is...
  13. Yes, I've heard that before. I'm not sure the...

    Yes, I've heard that before. I'm not sure the patents thing is an issue. IIRC you can have a patent with the implementation being open source. What is the issue I believe is that they don't actually...
  14. Not if they released it under a GPL compatible...

    Not if they released it under a GPL compatible license, then Linux gets an OpenGL 4.4 implementation. Not sure about gallium but they could maintain a separate graphics stack.
  15. Yes!

    I've been looking to buy a new graphics card for some time. I've traditionally only bought NVIDIA, but with the price differences, latest review of the AMD cards and the progress being made on open...
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    Motherboard Recommendation


    I'm looking to put together a new computer and I only run Linux on the desktop (latest Kubuntu) I'm planning on a i7 haswell, nvidia 770, 12GB of RAM, SSD. That said, I want a MB that...
  17. .... what works/doesn't work on Linux

    So being a Linux centric site... what I really want to know is what works and doesn't work on Linux? Does all the hardware work? Sound, LAN, etc?
  18. Include LVM (Logical Volume Manager) in the FS benchmarks.

    I've seen a lot of phoronix fs benchmarks, and what I'd like to see as a fair comparison to the btrfs benchmarks is ext4+LVM and xfs+LVM. It always appears that brtfs is so much slower than the other...
  19. Objectivity....

    And that's your personal opinion... who knows what will happen with it in the future. I personally think it's a waste of time and resources, however, if you are reporting on something to the general...
  20. But they only made a *little* more progress :)

    It's not hard to see that Michael really really doesn't like Mir.

    Hey Michael, how about at least trying to be objective when you talk about canonical and Mir in particular?
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