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    What's the difference between the compute API of...

    What's the difference between the compute API of Vulkan and OpenCL 2.1 that justifies having 2 different API targeting the same thing ?
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    If they plan to support Vulkan, they will also...

    If they plan to support Vulkan, they will also have to support OpenCL 2.1, otherwise they will lag behind the competition this time.
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    That appears to be wrong at least for OpenGL...

    That appears to be wrong at least for OpenGL drivers. Because they have control over the hardware doesn't mean they are able to make it works better.
  4. Good for the GTK3 compatibility

    I'm still using Compiz because despite its age, it's still the most advanced compositor feature wise.
    The scale plugin especially is awesome as it can smoothly display all my VR desktop in a grid,...
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    Sad, but true

    Having to deal with some of those issues, I must admit he is right.
    What would be interesting now, is to know what is the action plan from Khronos board members to overcome this with the next openGL...
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    What is the state of their Optimus support by now...

    What is the state of their Optimus support by now ?
    Do we still have to rely on hacks like Primus or Bumblebee ?
    I whish Valves puts some pressure on them to better support those configurations as...
  7. Not a big deal

    I'm not an AMD customer, but knowing they are already short on ressource to support properly their hardware on Linux, I would prefer them to stay focus on proper OpenGL support rather than diluting...
  8. No screenshot ?

    Is there no screenshot feature in RBOS ?
    What's the point of taking screenshots with a camera ?
  9. A question to Nvidia guys

    With the rise of linux gaming, Nvidia is gonna have new customers on the gaming segment.
    In that regard, what is the Nvidia's roadmap concerning a complete Optimus support on Linux ?
  10. Still too much companies relying on windows...

    My thought to all those poor people who have to work under windows...
    Courage guys !
  11. Yet another distro specific solution

    I really hope Nvidia is working on Optimus support as a packaged solution into their official driver.
    I'm not using Ubuntu, and I don't want to be dependent on a specific distribution to finally...
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    This sentence doesn't make any sense. Doing a shim layer won't make disappear the "variability" in driver quality.
    You just throw back the problem to the Wine developers...
  13. Improvements are welcome but there is still a long way to go...

    This is good news that Intel are still improving their graphic drivers.
    However, they still have a long way to go before they reach the same level of support they gave to Windows platform from day...
  14. Nvidia is OK for Workstation, but not for laptops.

    I would easily recommand Nvidia for a Linux workstation involved with serious 3D computations or games.
    But for a Linux laptop, really their lack of support for hybrid graphics is killing them...
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    Boring updates...

    Without Optimus support the Nvidia chip embedded in my laptop remains unusable... Nvidia Linux team should really focus on the blocking feature first.
  16. Congratulations to Intel's open source developers

    That's an amazing work done by the Intel open source team.
    The collaboration with Valves is starting to pay, keep up the good work guys !
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    Dynamic translator vs Preprocessor

    I'm wondering if this work on the dynamic API translator between D3D and OpenGL is worth the work.
    May be they could use it as a preprocessor before compiling their game engine, thus they would...
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    What about Mesa ?

    I don't know if its related to Xorg developers or not, but I wonder if it would be useful for Mesa to have a seat onto one board at the Khronos Group.
    If so, how many cost the subscription ?
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    This guy loves contradiction

    So for them supporting Linux is "important", but they design hardware feature with "windows only" in mind ?
    If supporting Linux is so important for them, why do we have to rely on a third...
  20. Totally worthless without "switchable" GPU...

    Totally worthless without "switchable" GPU support... Thank you Nvidia :)
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