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  1. Errrrr, git is fully distributed... if a git hosting site goes down, or whatever it is everyone is afraid of, I loose the wiki and the issues (and on github both can be exported programmatically and thus periodically backed up)....
  2. Automatic on/off


    If you are looking to automate turning the grid power on and off that should be possible. For work I'm often looking at linux compatible laboratory equipment. I'm pretty sure that we did...
  3. Labelling it a "Living room PC" is kind of a flawed comparison

    I think the article quoted by Phoronix is oversimplifying things. True, that living room PC's have been tried and didn't succed, but that was because they didn't offer real functionality. On the...
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    @DoctorPhil I don't care about the games...

    I don't care about the games becoming free software. It is nice if they do, but it is not a requirement. My opinion on what should and what should not be free software (and when it...
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    A little disappointed in Phoronix coverage

    Maybe the slow down in sales has something to do with the fact that none of the three main titles run on Intel hardware without heavy modification of the system.

    I learned of this fact the hard...
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