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    This actually makes me happy because we(the Kubuntu users) won't need to use the backport ppa again to get to the KDE 4.13.X releases. You don't want to start a new release with software that's...
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    "Martin won't be fixing those back-ends" - it's more of "he can't" because he doesn't have the commercial/proprietary software, he needs a license for any of the commercial OS.
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    And here is where the work on software from the Debian developers stops... At least for a week...
    This will definitely impact the productivity of those that accept the offer :)
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    Seems that you don't have any experience with Qt... Especially when a Qt 5 core application is just a few KB now...

    There is a lot to be liked about Qt.
    I also use Qt Creator for...
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    "Now there's an easy ISO for booting into a KDE Frameworks 5 + Plasma 2 experience, but it's still a highly unstable experience. The developers have recommended only testing out the ISO under KVM or...
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    Qt 5.2 is also getting released in december.
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    In 2 years he won't achieve what Dolphin achieved.
    The guy that wrote is uninformed. The port to the new engine in Dolphin 2.0 had also the purpose to be easier to port to QML.
    It is way easier(and...
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    This is actually great news, even if he tries to make it sound bad.
    Hardware accelerated operations would improve the performance.
    People with such old processors don't use new software, so that...
  9. Great News

    That's great news because currently Cilk+ outperforms all the solutions available. And you add in TBB and it's just perfect.
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    You can get all this for free actually if you do Non-Commercial software development on Linux.
    All this are from Intel Parallel Studio but integrated with Eclipse which you can get for free anyway....
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    Almost every time I hear about Canonical employees decisions 1 thing comes to mind "Are they idiots? Or just uninformed? Isn't that their job, to get informed of the matters?".
    Ubuntu Touch is using...
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    Smart move moving to Qt. But the developer should really think about his decision of using PyQt instead of Qt/C++.
    If he writes it in Qt/C++, it will be very easy to port it to mobile platforms......
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    Don't tell a C and/or C++ programmer this thing, some people get really angry when you confuse this things.
    There are A Lot of things that C++ doesn't have from C, it is often not observed because...
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    Torvalds' criticism was actual at the moment. And he explained why he said that.
    It's not just pure hatred as Michael puts it...
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    When there is VP8p, Jpeg 2000 support is not that important.
    And, ye, it's not "RAM image handling" but "RAW image handling".
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    The higher percentage was because of the initial hipe. That always happens: games at release, movies... All the people want to try it out and than they lose interest. We'll see what will happen when...
  17. They will just ignore it

    And obviously, they will just ignore it...
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    Again unchecked info.

    KWin was already supporting EGL, Martin just did a refactoring to make it easier to add more back-ends.
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    Martin will kick ass when Wayland will get in distributions, I am sure of that...
    Martin and Peter Penz are my favorite developers from the KDE team. Bad that Peter Penz left the Dolphin project :(...
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    Freakin' awesome!
    Because of this 3D world of windows, it feels more spacious, you can see what's happening on more windows than on traditional representations.
    Sure, it doesn't mean that it is...
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