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    PCI based cards and acceleration

    Finally an UVD2 card that works with my embedded PC (without AGP and without PCI-e).

    UVD2 that should work with Linux!!!

    But now I'm reading,...
  2. HIS Radeon HD 4350 PCI

    Finally an UVD2 card that works with my embedded PC (without AGP and without PCI-e).

    UVD2 that should work with Linux!!!

  3. I think you're mixing up two things. You're...

    I think you're mixing up two things. You're speaking from one picture to the next one. But also xvid/divx dont produce every picture from scratch.

    That's not what we're speaking about. Because of...
  4. @Givemesugarr The response is very simple:...


    The response is very simple:
    It is much much much more stressing for a processor to calculate a picture by differences from previous pictures. To reload a full bitmap picture is...
  5. Conversion anyway

    I don't think that you're right when you think that xvid/divx is as stressing as h.264.
    Your calculation with the amount of memory doesn't convince. In the calculations h.264-codecs have to expand...
  6. divx and xvid not hw decoded

    Yes divx and xvid aren't hardware decoded on linux.
    But the algorithms of h.264 need much more power.
    A normal PC is able to do the decoding of divx and xvid.

    But h.264 fullHD with high bitrates...
  7. Not US patents but DRM

    All I've said is right!

    DRM is the reason why I can't use my graphical card and NOT US-patents!!!

    I've got a radeon hd2600xt.
    This card INCLUDES all US-patents to use it. I've paid all rights...
  8. Useless clarifications!!!

    Thank you for the clarifications! But you have nothing understood about the problem I'm mentioning.

    Yes! You're right XVid would even be better than divx because it's open source. But this is not...
  9. The question is now!!!

    In the future every computer will decode h.264 by software. Someone who has the money for a HD3870 has also the money for a Penryn. And what is one without the other?

    For future computers and...
  10. Other problem

    You're right and what DRM does is completely ILLEGAL in EU. And the complaints of users will have success at court.

    But the problem HERE with the graphical card is much WORSE. The problem,...
  11. Why I don't like DRM

    There is nothing wrong about DRM if it is done on a honest way. If anyone wants to buy DRM contents, he may watch it. But if the industry blocks MY graphical card with ALL hardware decoding only...
  12. Keep clean from DRM!

    One good thing is that Linux user will keep clean from DRM content.

    It is good that there doesn't exist any driver in Linux that easily plays commercial DRM's. Otherwise poeple would buy this...

    On you can read under which conditions reengeneering is LEGAL.

    So the only choice to have hardware decoding is reactOS or Windows?
    Or is there any hope that RadeonHD will have other...
  14. Reverse engeneering

    Reverse engeneering is possible also from an XP-dll.
    Do you think that linux will never have hardware decoding of h.264 only because it is open source?
    H.264 is the future for DVB-H. Do you think...
  15. Please ATI do h.264!!!

    It would be so easy to implement hardware decoding!!!

    1. The algorithms are the same in xp and linux.
    2. The access to the hardware is only through your proprietary driver.
    3. Most of the linux...
  16. @Givemesugarr: You've written that you own a HD...

    @Givemesugarr: You've written that you own a HD 2600 XT and I see that you know very well Catalyst 7.12.
    I've bought a HD 2600 too and want to go OpenSuse 10.3.
    Does the catalyst-Linux support...
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