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    Benchmark and opengl features


    One problem that makes it hard to sometimes to grok game benchmarks is that different drivers might have different opengl features enabled (glxinfo). A quick comparison tool would be a list...
  2. Poor benchmark

    The benchmark is clearly bandwidth limited, given the high resolutions for low end GPUS. It's likely that it doesn't tax the driver in any meaningful way.

    I'm sure it will perform worse in a lower...
  3. Better reporting/gathering of data

    Make the graphs more... ehm interesting? We don't know if it's some extra wireless interrupt that decreases the FPS or the power settings.. so

    Please add standard deviation of several...
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    About the warsow benchmark Are you sure the...

    About the warsow benchmark

    Are you sure the game is run the exact same way? The newer fglrx has more opengl support ..2.0 vs.. 1.X?
    Warsow might enable more gfx features because the driver...
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    It's very like KMS vs. UMS. Quake3(live) on a...

    It's very like KMS vs. UMS. Quake3(live) on a X1500 radeon is unplayable with KMS. With UMS i get 125FPS pretty much all the time....

    If you boot with radeon.modeset=0 you can disable it, X/mesa...
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