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  1. You can now upgrade!..

    This is it! This is your sign every one! I know millions of you were just waiting to upgrade your old computers until michael told you to.. I know for my self, I was always wanting to upgrade my...
  2. Yeah but, KDE 5 is supposed to be an evolutionary...

    Yeah but, KDE 5 is supposed to be an evolutionary change and not revolutionary.. KDE 4 has been out for many years; they can't just stay on the same KDE 4 for eternity.. And, you are free to keep...
  3. DWD sounds kind of lame..

    This better be true.. Because, yes I know people are saying that the program still has to ask KWin to draw extra crap, but I was thinking "When would KWin ever deny those requests?".......So I really...
  4. I hate...

    I hate windows..:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  5. I must agree..:)

    I must agree..:)
  6. NSA doesn't control debian..

    That link really is a bunch of crap.. I watched that whole entire video of julian assange speaking, and he never said debian is owned by the NSA..
    What he said is that the NSA tries to get in to...
  7. I think what it really boils down to is this:...

    I think what it really boils down to is this: People have different opinions on WHERE to draw the line as far as 32-bit support is concerned..
    Every one thinks 32-bit should end at SOME point in...
  8. Kabini is 64-bit, dawg

    Ummm.. Why are you running 32-bit debian on kabini?? I am writing this on kabini laptop right now, and it is running 64-bit debian..o_O
    AMD has had 64-bit support even before your grandpa was born,...
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    When are we getting online defragmentation?!?.....

    When are we getting online defragmentation?!?.. Oh gosh I can't wait!..
  10. Ian jackson is cancer!!..

    Ian jackson is such a sore loser.. Of course he couldn't throw this question up to general resolution right after the init-system debate, because that would be been ridiculous.. But he did it pretty...
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    :confused::confused::confused::confused:Why does...

    :confused::confused::confused::confused:Why does the picture graph say the 7850 can use DDR3-2400, but the wikipedia page says only DDR3-2133? Which one is...
  12. :(:(:(:( K, now debian should decide on KDE4 or...

    K, now debian should decide on KDE4 or KDE5.. Which one will we (in the testing branch) be stuck with for the next 12 months?..
  13. fjiowewefiojwefjiowefiojowefjiowiefjowefijefjfjiew jfowiejwoeijwefoijwefoijwefoijwefji

    You can't wait until kernel 3.17 to have a 6% increase in speed??..
    I think a workaround until then would be go buy a faster processor..
  14. I have 3D now!!!!!!!!!..

    xorg 1.16 hit debian testing branch when I updated today! (Actually 1.15.99)..:cool:

    I finally have 3D support!!!!! yippy skippy!..:cool:
    I bought this laptop back in december, and I haven't had...
  15. I was looking at "cubieboard 8" that looks...

    I was looking at "cubieboard 8" that looks impressive, although not sure when release date is..
    According to this page:

    It has 4-core Cortex-A15 CPU and...
  16. A Question..

    Yes I know the raspberry-pi wasn't specifically made to be media-player for 1080p and stuff, but lots of people use it for that any way, including me.. I have raspbmc on it..:confused:

    The reason...
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    Did you ever try v-sync set to always on in KDE...

    Did you ever try v-sync set to always on in KDE settings?.. That gives me tear-freeness in KDE.. I am using AMD card though and the open-source radeon driver..
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    So, here are my two tiny cents on this matter:
    In this day and futuristic age of cell-phones and hover cars, a GUI should kind of be mandatory on some thing that is made for a normal dumb...
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    :cool:That would be cool too..:cool: If SMPlayer...

    :cool:That would be cool too..:cool: If SMPlayer is unwilling to keep up with the times, then I can move on to some thing else..:cool:
    :cool:I would love to use mpv instead of mplayer..:cool: On...
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    How can CMplayer use mpv if mpv doesn't have a...

    How can CMplayer use mpv if mpv doesn't have a slave mode or API to connect to?..:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
    I would love for mpv to work with...
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