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  1. Thread: Softpedia sux

    by jeepster

    Softpedia sux

    I have twice tried to download PTS Desktop live from this
    site, and only get 16-22 kbps. At that rate it takes hours,
    and finishes outside my ISP off-peak time window for downloads.
    Can't you find...
  2. I was referring to PTS Desktop Linux LiveDVD. I...

    I was referring to PTS Desktop Linux LiveDVD.
    I know of only one benchmark live CD that runs on older CPU with
    little RAM: Inquisitor. However I consider it to be unacceptable,
    as one of the hard...
  3. can older versions of PTS live CD be downloaded?

    I wish to try the Phoronix Test Suite live CD on a bunch of PCs
    with both Windoze and Linux. The system requirements says:
    - Intel / AMD x86_64 CPU
    - 2GB+ of RAM Recommended
    So I would like an...
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