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  1. EFI or BIOS?

    Did you boot Linux in EFI mode or in BIOS compatibility mode? I find this makes a pretty big difference on my MBP.
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    FreeBSD has not switched to use Clang by default...

    FreeBSD has not switched to use Clang by default just yet. dim@ added (and MFC'd) WITH_CLANG_IS_CC build option in 2012-03-01 (disabled by default) but that's about it. There is still a possibility...
  3. Thanks Intel!

    When I recently shopped for a new laptop, I only considered models shipping with Intel graphics due to Intel's stellar support of free software. When my friend recently bought his new laptop, he...
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    HP Pavilion a1221n

    HP Pavilion a1221n

    This is an old machine, but it's worth adding to the database as it has a notoriously buggy ACPI implementation.

    Script started on Sun 19 Aug 2012 07:00:22 AM PDT
  5. Blazing Fast

    I just timed the time it took to display dmesg on Ubuntu 12.04 and kmscon is blazing fast even without DRM enabled:

    kernel VT: 1.476 seconds
    kmscon: 0.188 seconds

    Thanks for bringing this...
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