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    Devsleep on Bay Trail?

    I recall some issue whether Bay Trail supports Windows 8.1 Connected Standby ("CS") in 64 bit versions vs 32 bit versions. I do not care except CS requires devsleep and I want devsleep support in...
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    Ivy Bridge Sleep/Resume?

    I ordered an Intel NUC which is like an Ivy Bridge Ultra Book without the monitor, keyboard, battery, most of the plastic that goes into the case, and a big chunk of the cost. I intend to set it up...
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    Ivy Bridge Sleep/Resume?

    Duplicate post.
  4. Raid Request Clarification

    I guess my above post did not specify my interest is in relative raid performance using traditional hard disks. I suspect that software raid 6 with a hot spare is a reasonable choice for a home...
  5. Software Raid Testing?

    Future mount option testing is good but testing of software raid 5/6 md5 w/ ext4 vs the Btrfs code (contributed by Intel(?)) would be great. I recall a several year old balanced server IDF topic in...
  6. The Newly Converted

    Because I am not a trusting person, I ran "free" on my 1 GB 32 bit server and it told me that less than 10% of the installed memory was "used" with 90%+ going to buffers, cache, and free. 64 bit...
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    Tomorrow: The Laid Back Strategy

    My plan is as soon as I can get a DN2800MT. Tomorrow is another day and MeeGo is likely not my ultimate destination. If necessary, Intel will find folks...
  8. Memory Constrained Environments?

    It would be interesting to test using 1 GB of RAM, not 4. Does 64 bit goodness dominate in memory constrained environments like my headless server?
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