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    Why Systemd isn't Windows

    The problem with MS Windows isn't design features like using the "registry" to configure all system programs, it's the fact that it's closed source, it's sold rather than distributed freely, and...
  2. Taming bulldozer/piledriver on air

    Here's what works for me in the relatively small aluminum Diablo "fly" case, keeps socket temp under 62C and indicated CPU temp at no more than "50C" (huge offset in the sensor). Thermaltake FriOCK...
  3. Both AMD and Ebay are alternatives to Intel's gouging

    Or buy last year's proc and board on Ebay from a gamer who just updated, alternately buy AMD and tell Intel where to stuff their demands. If AMD didn't exist Intel would probably not sell any proc...
  4. You're not the only one to reject Intel's business practices

    I regard Intel business practices as so objectionable I would never buy anything from them where an alternative exists. So long as AMD or anyone but Intel makes a CPU that edits video as well as the...
  5. I had a board DESTROYED by VRM heat issues with an FX8150

    In early 2012 I had one of these boards die and take out the FX8150 on it. It was obvious what had happened, one of the voltage regulator IC's was blown apart! I suspect due to that heatsink being...
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    That should ne easy

    Ubuntu is not like Windoze: Keep up with the updates and you will automatically have the main release when its packages hit the repos.
  7. You can control hyper-Z on a per-app basis right now

    I forget the exact code to do so, but games can be called from terminal or script with hyper-Z enabled or disabled when the default is to the contrary, If it works on most of your applications and...
  8. If the job isn't multithreaded or doesn't scale well

    If the job isn't multithreaded or doesn't scale well, you don't need an 8-core processer either. Neither cluster nor $1K Intel proc will outperform a much cheaper chip with few cores but high clocks...
  9. Not exactly irrelevent for multitheaded

    It's not irrelevant if for the same price I can build a multinode AMD cluster that outperforms the Intel chip, so long as the job in question is fully multithreaded and scales very well, such as...
  10. How does multithreaded performance per dollar compare to AMD 8-core?

    This chip will probably sell for five times what AMD sells an 8 core for, doubt there will be any job it can do five times faster. Maybe twice as fast if it's very, very good for true multithreaded...
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    I've been running systemd since May

    This package is the one that overwrites init with a link to /lib/systemd/systemd, thus conflicts with Upstart. I don't have it installed, but boot with init=/lib/systemd/systemd in the kernel...
  12. UVD more important than you might think

    I've got two machines I set up for friends with older/smaller CPU's that can only play 1080P HD video by using GPU acceleration. My little netbook does not HAVE video acceleration hardware, thus...
  13. It goes in ~/.profile

    Create ~/.profile if you don't already have it, then add this line to it:

    export R600_HYPERZ=1

    This works for me
  14. Keep in mind, small cards are slow but use the least power as well

    If you do not use that desktop for gaming or 3d content creation, the only thing a bigger GPU brings you is more heat and higher power consumption. Even the smallest cards have the same video...
  15. What's in it for Netflix to blocking Linux in browser DRM?

    Unless both Microsoft Windows and OSx have code to block screen recording and audio recording of browser video, what is in it for Netflix to play petty games of useragent blocking? No amount of...
  16. I've seen possibly related issues with other cards in past few months.

    This sounds related to two other problems I've seen-on much smaller cards of the r600 generation. In the past few months, there has been an apparent DPM issue causing momentary freezes of a fraction...
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    Overclocking would be better handled from the OS than from Coreboot

    Given the small number of northbridges in chipsets and small number of X86 CPUs relative to the number of total motherboard configurations, plus the Coreboot principle of fast handoff, it seems to me...
  18. This forces applications to embrace X, could extinguish Wayland AND Mir

    This bullshit means application developers are likely to stick with X. That, in turn, means most applications will be slower on both Mir and Wayland
    than in a straight X desktop, except it seems for...
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    Not everyone can spend $200 on video cards

    I've never ONCE had a video card that expensive, and never will as I simply don't have that kind of money to spend. I do regard 1080p video as desktop-only on my budget, as they can play it in CPU...
  20. What is the blob situation in TAILS?

    When a local police department is the opponent blobs in tails or firmware probably won't matter, maybe this is also true against Secret Service. Against NSA targetted (not mass) surveillance,...
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