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  1. I've been recommending AMD products

    You were recommending products with no proof? :confused:
    You're not a very good friend! :p

  2. I told you so!

    Intel has some "egg on their face" and "foot in their mouth" to gain here:
    1. if someone can finally prove that Gallium architecture is performant.
    2. leveraging gallium allowed 1/2 guys to do what...
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    Was fun while it lasted.

    And you can stop right there. The rest of your argument is irrelevant.
    I'm using Gnome fallback session precisely because I DONT want shiny (aka Gnome-Shell).

    In the almost 10 years that I've...
  4. All fine and dandy, but where's our VGA passthrough?

    Been drooling for vmware/oracle/Xen to do something like
    Parallels workstation 4 extreme.
    we all want (near-)native 3d performance in our VM's.

    Who's gonna bring this to consumer level...
  5. what's in a name?

    Here! Here!
    The rate at which they rip/replace major features is astounding
    I haven't seen a stable kernel across all my systems since 2.6.32.
    but keep those gfx driver updates coming!! ;-)
  6. a 4th nested solution?

    Congratulations to the developers.

    This, in addition to Xnest, Xephyr and vnc?
    I'm pretty sure even these others support window-in-window.
    I know it's early, but what benefit does making this a...
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    I've got it!

    Something that captures the renaissance of Gallium3D
    and the breathless anticipation of the xorg user community:

    A turtle giving birth!

    Sure it's slow, messy and painful, but once it's out to...
  8. "Meh"

    Hate to sound disparaging, but this is “meh” news for all us R300-R500 owners.
    Performance improvements to R2XX didn’t come until the card was as useful as the vesa driver. I’d already bought a...
  9. Been trying to read about the status of Upstart...

    Been trying to read about the status of Upstart in Debian.
    Has anyone installed 0.6.3 in testing and also seen their boot time reduce by significant amount?
    Is it stable?
    Will it replace sysvinit...
  10. Not much to see reallly...

    Uggh! These instructions are utterly hideous,
    but that was probably intentional to keep unqualified people (like me :) from using it. Just download the Fedora 11 RC livecd to play with KMS and DRI2...
  11. It’s come a long way I agree but none of the...

    It’s come a long way I agree but none of the drivers have matured for me yet.
    I bought a used Asus x800xl pcie (an upgrade from the radeon 9250).
    I cried bloody tears when fglrx dropped 9250...
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