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  1. Hmm lets see if me answering those questions...

    Hmm lets see if me answering those questions helps...

    - I have been trying for one big desktop across all three monitors.

    - One problem I ran into was getting xinerama to work. I could edit my...
  2. The vain quest for three monitor functionality

    Hello everyone. First and foremost, I would like to say that, I love linux. I have used linux on random computers around my house for a number of years, and I would KILL to have it on my desktop....
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    Turning off xRandR

    High I was wondering how to turn off xrandr? I'm trying to do a triple head setup with two video cards. Xrandr only makes my computer crash when I try starting it up with all three monitors running...
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    Turning off RandR

    Hi how do you turn off RandR. I'm trying to do this for my triple head setup because RandR doesn't support two video cards.

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    Should I use Xinerama or is there some other way...

    Should I use Xinerama or is there some other way of doing multiple monitors? I remember when I tried using a setup before there was some problem with the radeon driver reading my video card BIOS.

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    Triple head possible?

    Howdy, I'm wondering if a triple head setup is possible using open source drivers. Currently I have two video cards and X1900 XT (PCI-E) and a radeon 9250 (PCI). The X1900 is using the open source...
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